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PACEY calls for an end to music licences for nurseries

PACEY has written to PPL and PRS for music to ask them to suspend the requirement for private and voluntary nurseries to purchase a music licence in order to play recorded music in their setting. School-based settings are exempt from the £83 annual fee because they are 'educational establishments'.

In the letters, PACEY's chief executive, Liz Bayram, makes the case that PVI providers are also educational establishments because 'they are delivering a required and recognised curriculum (The Early Years Foundation Stage or EYFS) and they must be registered and inspected by Ofsted. A child’s education starts well before the age of five and PACEY believes that your organisation should revisit their current licencing position, as it is placing pre-school education at a clear disadvantaged to primary, secondary and further education.'

In 2017, PACEY secured a concession from PPL and PRS for Music for childminders. As confirmed on PPL's website, childminders only need to purchase a licence ‘if music is played in a room that has been set up specifically and exclusively for the purpose of childminding (e.g. a playroom that is used only for childminding activities and not usually for family/domestic use).’

Larger home-based providers, such as childcare on domestic premises, which do have a specific and exclusive area within their homes used only for their childcare business, are expected to purchase an annual music licence(s).

If you have any questions about music licencing, contact PPL on 020 7534 1100 or by email.