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NEWS: Help us push for more support for childminders - take our survey

We are continuing to push government for a comprehensive and fair financial package for self-employed childminders. After launched a survey last month we were delighted that over 7000 people responded, giving us vital information about the reality on the ground.

While we know that the self-employment support package is going to help some childminders, it will by no means be enough for all. Therefore, we are making it clear to the government that it needs to go further.

In order to do that we continue to need evidence of the impact of Covid-19 on you and your service. That is why we are asking self-employed childminders to complete a survey to again evidence to government the changes that are needed.

This survey will help us understand to what extent the government’s support package for the self-employed might help you; how your local authority is supporting you; and the challenges you are facing if you want to open to critical workers’ children and vulnerable children. Your response will directly help us to lobby for change and call for more support for childminders.

We believe it is critically important that you receive the right support for now, but also to ensure that, when life returns to normal, we have a sustainable and equipped childcare workforce to support the economic regrowth.

Even if you completed the last survey please do take this chance to share your views again.

If you need help with some of the calculations in the survey you can use the childminder calculator on the PACEY website or use tools from HMRC.

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