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NEWS: Government responds to EYFS reforms consultation

Today, the Department for Education has released their response to the EYFS reforms consultation. The consultation initially opened in October to seek views on changes to the learning and development and assessment requirements as set out in the EYFS statutory framework in England.

PACEY has been and will continue to be actively involved with sector partners in not only shaping the final published framework but to advise on the support you will need to be able to implement it in 2021.

You can read the published EYFS framework for early adopter schools but do remember that these are not compulsory for childcare and early years providers until September 2021.

Helen Donohoe, Policy Advisor at PACEY commented:
"As the government today sets out its EYFS consultation response, it is clear that they have listened in a number of areas and we welcome that. For example, we strongly agree with the importance placed on shapes, spatial reasoning and measure within mathematics.

However, there are areas where we would have liked to have seen different approaches. The removal of characteristics of learning from the reporting requirements of the profile is, for example, regressive in our view. We strongly believe that the way in which children learn is as important as what they learn, children under 5 learn in a very different way from older children, for example, and if it is not a reporting requirement in the framework there is a danger this will be ignored.

Nonetheless, the focus must now be on clear, accessible and fitting guidance for how the framework should be delivered. That guidance must be inclusive and appropriate for all settings, not just pre-schools and nurseries, but also smaller childminding settings, acknowledging that high quality learning and development is delivered in different ways."