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NEWS: Ofsted consultation on proposed improvements on handling complaints

Ofsted have announced a consultation on their proposals for revisions to their post-inspection arrangements, including how they handle complaints about our work. If these proposals are agreed, Ofsted hopes they will enhance the current arrangements to deal with any queries or concerns about an inspection quickly and before an inspection report is finalised.

We proposals aim to:

  • provide greater consistency in post-inspection arrangements across our work
  • allow all inspected providers 5 working days to review their draft report and submit any comments about issues of factual accuracy and the inspection process for us to consider before finalising a report
  • consider and respond to formal complaints from inspected providers before Ofsted publish an inspection report, if these complaints are submitted promptly
  • retain current arrangements for internal reviews into complaints handling, including the scrutiny panel.

You can respond to the consultation here and it closes at 11:45pm on 31 March 2020. PACEY will also be submitted a response.