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NEWS: PACEY features in global research into support programmes for home-based childcare

Spring Impact; a non-profit that focuses on scaling social impact; has released their new research 'Support programs for home-based childcare: a global study' to address a knowledge gap and share insights and recommendations for funders, policymakers, and other early childhood care and education stakeholders.

As part of the research, Spring Impact complied detailed insights and profiles of 11 innovative programs supporting quality home-based childcare, including PACEY. Read the full research here.

Common features of support programs for home-based childcare

  1. Focusing on women already providing care to children in the community
  2. Promoting quality and guiding providers
  3. Encouraging responsive caregiving through an observation-based training curriculum
  4. Providing ongoing coaching beyond initial training
  5. Establishing social networks of support among providers
  6. Offering financial supports and linkages to community resources
  7. Advocating to government
  8. Building public awareness of HBCC

Five key recommendations

  1. Donors and policymakers should increase financing for systems of support, and governments should provide more funding to HBCC providers
  2. Policymakers should look to embed support programs for HBCC into the public sector to increase scale and sustainability
  3. The early childhood care and education sector should establish a global learning community of existing support programs for HBCC
  4. The early childhood care and education sector should convene a panel of experts to develop guidance that can address standards, competencies, and tools to define and measure quality for HBCC across a range of diverse settings
  5. Further research should be undertaken to answer outstanding questions not resolved in this report

Read the full research here.