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NEWS: Change to ordering test kits for PVI nurseries

The process for PVI nurseries in England to obtain coronavirus testing kits is changing from 29 April. The Government is introducing a new online system for re-ordering test kits for testing at home. This means that PVI providers will soon be able to re-order test kits and better manage stock levels and deliveries to your nursery.

PVI nurseries will receive a welcome email in the next few days containing your Unique Organisation Number (UON). You can also find your UON at the following link. Your UON will enable you to place ongoing re-orders for test kits via the online ordering system, which can be accessed at the following link. You can find guidance on how to place an order on the document sharing platform.

As a first step you should use your UON to access the online ordering system, familiarise yourself with the system, and check that your delivery address and contact details are correct.

Planned stock replenishment in w/c 3 May

PVI nurseries will automatically receive a delivery of test kits on Thursday 6 May, Friday 7 May or Monday 10 May. The delivery that you receive will be the final automatic delivery. After this you will need to place an order to receive further test kits. This delivery should provide you with sufficient testing kits to last until the end of May. This means you do not need to place an order for testing kits immediately and will have time to familiarise yourself with the new ordering process, so that you can place an order when needed.

Delivery timescales

When you are ready to place your first order, you will need to consider delivery timelines. Any order which is placed by Wednesday 5pm will be delivered the following week. Any orders placed after this point will be processed and delivered in the subsequent week. For your first order, you may want to place the order at least three working days before the weekly Wednesday 5pm delivery cut off, to ensure that any initial setup issues can be resolved in good time. The table below summarises the delivery timelines:

Week 1: Order Placed

Week 2: Order received

Week 3: Order received

Orders placed before Wednesday 5pm

Delivery received


Orders placed after Wednesday 5pm


Delivery received

Each delivery you receive will be based on the staff numbers you submit and will provide you with sufficient test kits to test twice weekly for three and a half weeks. Please consider your current stock level and your testing demands before placing any order, to ensure that the order you place meets your testing needs.  

The process for childminders in England to obtain coronavirus testing has not changed. Childminders should continue to access coronavirus testing kits by ordering home testing kits online, visiting a lateral flow testing site or collecting home tests from a collection site