June 2021

NEWS: Call to put #ChildrenAtTheHeart featured in The Telegraph

PACEY is among 100 + stakeholders who signed a letter published in the Telegraph today, calling for the Government to put children and young people at the heart of the nation’s recovery plans.  


NEWS: New Ofsted inspection handbook published

This week, Ofsted published its guidance on inspecting registered early years and childcare providers under the education inspection framework, which comes into force in England in September 2021.


NEWS: Government responds to call for childcare funding review

Yesterday (23 June) the Department for Education in England responded to an ongoing petition calling for a review into childcare funding and affordability, stating that the Government is not planning to review the childcare system. 


NEWS: CIW SASS submission in Wales/AGC 'SASS' yng Nghymru

CIW have announced that registered childcare and play providers in Wales will be required to complete and submit their Self-Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) using CIW Online between 7 July and 4 August 2021.  Mae AGC wedi cyhoeddi y bydd yn ofynnol i ddarparwyr gofal plant a chwarae cofrestredig yng Nghymru lenwi a chyflwyno eu Datganiad Hunanasesu Gwasanaeth (SASS) gan ddefnyddio AGC Ar-lein rhwng 7 Gorffennaf a 4 Awst 2021.


NEWS: Summer of Fun in Wales/Haf o Hwyl yng Nghymru

Summer of Fun to support children and young people recover from the pandemic / Haf o Hwyl i helpu plant a phobl ifanc i adfer o’r pandemig


NEWS: Launch of Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood

Today the Duchess of Cambridge launches The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, aiming to improve awareness of the impact of the first five years of life and take action to improve support for the early years. 


NEWS: Covid-19 cases highest in children and young adults in England

The latest data from the REACT study in England suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic is growing exponentially, based on coronavirus test results reported between 20th May and 7th June. The majority of infections is reported in children (aged 5 to 12 years) and young adults (aged 18 to 24).


NEWS: New EYFS support for autumn reforms in England

From September 2021, all early years providers in England must follow the new early years foundation stage (EYFS) framework. The DfE has launched an online service to support practitioners to meet the new EYFS. 


NEWS: PACEY joins calls to put #ChildrenAtTheHeart of the nation’s recovery

Following the announcement of government’s Covid-19 recovery measures in England last week, PACEY has joined an important coalition of over 240 stakeholders to call on government to reconsider these plans and urgently boost investment for children and young people.


NEWS: PACEY responds to potential school day extension in England

PACEY responds to the potential plans to extend the school day in England as part of the government's plan to support children and young people 'catch up' on lost learning.