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NEWS: Settings forced to close leaving parents unable to access provision

Today the BBC reported that the number of early years and childcare providers being driven to permanently close their doors is leaving parents in England without access to early years and childcare provision. A combination of government underfunding, inflation and increased costs and recruitment barriers has led to many settings closing down, often at late notice for parents.

Liz Bayram, Chief Executive at PACEY comments:

“Sadly, this news report comes as no surprise to us. It is a disgrace that nurseries, part of the critical infrastructure in our communities, are being left high and dry with dwindling staff numbers and chronic underfunding in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

“The dedicated leaders and staff that work in nurseries are not dispensable, nice to haves. They provide the crucial early years in education and development for young children, working with families and other practitioners to ensure that they get the very best start in life. They put up with poor pay and tinkering from a government that has no plan and no strategy because they are dedicated to the children they work with. However, what this report shows is that, even for them, enough is enough.

“What compounds this is that nurseries and other types of early years and childcare providers not only nurture and educate young children, they also provide a crucial service to parents and to the economy as a whole. The extent to which they are being overlooked in this respect is not acceptable.

“PACEY is working with our members and other organisations such as the Fawcett Society and the Women’s Budget Group to continue to call for a vision for the future of our sector.”

PACEY is urging any settings that are struggling to reach out and share your experience with our policy team for support.