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NEWS: PACEY supports BBC JoJo & Gran Gran Summer episode

We are thrilled to share that #TeamPACEY and PACEY Advisor, Pat Tomlinson reviewed and gave feedback to the BBC on content for JoJo & Gran Gran episode, 'It's Time to Meet a New Baby'.

Pat Tomlinson comments:

“Last July I was asked if I would do some quality assurance work on a proposed episode of JoJo and Gran Gran. I was asked my thoughts on the accuracy of the draft script and illustrations.

It was a great experience. I reviewed the materials and highlighted where there were inaccuracies such as what a 7-month-old baby was able to do at that age, the food they were likely to eat, the type of pram he was likely to use and more. PACEY were involved in the whole process and once the episode materials were modified, they were sent to me again for further review. I even had the help of my 4-year-old granddaughter to help me review this and she gave it a definite thumbs up!

I watched the episode ‘It’s Time To Meet a New Baby’ on BBC iPlayer and really enjoyed it!”

The episode ‘It’s Time to Meet a New Baby’ airs on CBeebies on Monday 27 June at 5:35pm. You can watch the full Series 2 Summer episodes of JoJo & Gran Gran now on BBC iPlayer here.