June 2023

NEWS: Independent Review of Childminding in Wales / Adolygiad Annibynnol o Warchod Plant

The long waited Independent Review of Childminding in Wales has been published by Welsh Government today.  This includes a number of key conclusions and recommendations.  Mae’r Adolygiad Annibynnol hir ddisgwyliedig, am Warchod Plant yng Nghymru wedi’i gyhoeddi gan Lywodraeth Cymru heddiw. Mae hyn yn cynnwys nifer o gasgliadau ac argymhellion allweddol.


NEWS: Ofsted announces proposals to change the complaints and appeal process

Ofsted have announced that they are proposing changes to their current complaints and appeal process that was last changed in September 2020. The changes include: 

  1. Enhancing communication onsite- pre and during inspections.
  2. ​New opportunity for providers to contact Ofsted the day after inspection. 
  3. Streamline complaints and post inspection work with twin track approach. 
  4. Direct escalation to ICASO instead of the internal review step.