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NEWS: Ofsted publishes research review into art and design

Last week (22 February) in its Research review series, Ofsted published new research and analysis into art and design.  The context of the review says ‘Art is a rich and varied set of practices central to human civilisation. Art itself is not static, and its purposes, materials and methods are always evolving.’

The review considers the nature of an art curriculum that achieves the aims of the national curriculum and regarding early education and primary schools goes on to say:

‘Children first encounter art and design in the early years foundation stage (EYFS). In the EYFS statutory guidance, ‘expressive arts and design’ is a specific area of learning and development. The guidance says it is important for children to engage with the arts regularly and to explore a range of materials and media. This helps them to work towards the early learning goals, such as safely using and exploring a variety of materials, tools and techniques. High-quality practice in the early years stimulates children’s interest and imagination in the materials and media they encounter, and provides the necessary foundations for future learning.’

Read the review in full

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CEY smart CPD courses

Members have access to the series of exclusive courses further exploring creativity and the arts in early years:

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  • Creativity and the arts in the early years - malleable and modelling materials
  • Creativity and the arts in the early years - movement and dance
  • Creativity and the arts in the early years – role play, puppetry and story building

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PACEY Live webinar: Creativity and the arts in early years

Ruth Churchill Dower, Director of Earlyarts also joined PACEY in conversation for a member-exclusive webinar where we explore the importance of creativity. We discussed how the arts support physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development and how you can build your own creative confidence as well as nurture children's innate creativity.

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