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NEWS: The Labour Party on childcare

Earlier this morning, Bridget Phillipson MP, the shadow education secretary, delivered a speech on Labours plans for childcare moving forward. She promises to make reforming the childcare system her “first priority in government.” And states “The childcare model the Conservatives have built fails everyone, denying parents the ability to work the jobs they’d like, to give their children the opportunities they’d like, and is not of the quality that staff want to provide,”.

You can watch the full speech here.

Helen Donohoe, Chief Executive at PACEY says:

'We welcome todays speech from Bridget Phillipson and her promise to make reforming childcare her number one priority in government. She was right that we must go beyond piecemeal tinkering our complex, confused and broken childcare and early year’s system. Further her emphasis on the failing funding structure, the neglected workforce and the need for fully integrated, joined up services for all children was spot on. As a parent who has seen first-hand the value of a childminder it was also great to hear her desire to urgently address the dreadful decline in childminder numbers. The speech was short on details however, and on a day when even more evidence of the perilous state of our sector is published, we need to hear what political leaders are actually going to do. We look forward to working with the Labour Party as they shape that detail in the months to come and ensuring our members across he childcare and early years sector have their voice heard.'