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NEWS: Sir Martyn Oliver confirmed as next Ofsted Chief Inspector (ENGLAND)

Sir Martyn Oliver has finally been confirmed as the next Ofsted Chief Inspector. Sir Martyn will start his five-year term on January 1 2024 after Amanda Spielman’s term ends on December 31 2023 following seven years of service.

Sir Martyn was recommended as the government’s preferred candidate by the education secretary earlier this year and was also endorsed by the education select committee following a pre-appointment hearing last month.

During the parliament education committee yesterday, Oliver summarised his three main ambitions for the role:

1) “First up is to go through a big listen,” he told MPs, adding in the past Ofsted had faced accusations of being “combative or cold”.

2) His second priority is to ensure Ofsted inspections are conducted “by the system” looking at how to involve more of those who are leaders in schools, professional bodies and trade unions in inspections, even finding a way to manage 'conflicts of interests' to allow HMIs to work part time in other organisations.

3) To “look holistically” at how disadvantaged children were supported by all services in each local authority area.

Sir Martyn Oliver said:

"I am looking forward to engaging with all parts of the sector that Ofsted regulates and inspects through a Big Listen, so that Ofsted is very much of the system and by the system for the benefit of children and parents."

PACEY Head of Membership and Marketing, Ka Lai Brightley-Hodges said:

We hope that Sir Martyn's background will have a positive influence on how Ofsted approach inspections and support of childcare and early years professionals as we have seen many people leave the profession due to the stress and inconsistancy of their inspections. We would also like Ofsted services for early years remits including childminders and group settings to be given as much priority as that of schools and other remits.