January 2024

NEWS: CIW SASS in Wales / AGC `SASS' yng Nghymru

CIW have announced that the Self-Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) will be going live on 31 January 2024. / Mae AGC wedi cyhoeddi y bydd Datganiad Hunanasesu Gwasanaeth (SASS) yn fyw ar 31 Ionawr 2024.


NEWS: Coram survey shows local authorities concerned about expansion roll out

New Coram Childcare Survey on the expansion of the funded scheme shows local authorities are concerned about sufficiency of places ahead of roll-out. 


News: Child Poverty Strategy for Wales/Strategaeth Tlodi Plant Cymru

The Child Poverty Strategy for Wales 2024 has been published by Welsh Government/ Strategaeth Tlodi Plant Cymru 2024 wedi’i gyhoeddi gan Lywodraeth Cymru


NEWS: Sir Martyn Oliver begins term at Ofsted with mental health awareness training for inspectors

*UPDATE: Ofsted respond to Ruth Perry inquest*

Sir Martyn Oliver begins term at Ofsted with mental health awareness training for inspectors.

The new His Majesty’s Chief Inspector begins with an immediate package of training for inspectors, a response to the Ruth Perry inquest and a Big Listen.


NEWS: The London Assembly Economy Committee has published its new report on childcare in London

The London Assembly Economy Committee is calling on the Government to review funding rates for early education entitlements in London, amid concerns that the sector will be unable to cope with the increase in demand when free childcare is expanded to children under three.


NEWS: Labour consider plans to fund new nurseries in primary schools

The Labour party is reportedly considering funding more primary school-based nursery places across England and has tasked the former Ofsted head Sir David Bell with finding new ways to tackle the shortage in childcare.