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NEWS: Update on the EYFS disapplications in England

The current disapplications to the EYFS in England that were initially applied in April 2020 due the Covid-19 pandemic will be lifted on 25 September 2020 and reviewed on a monthly basis by the Department for Education.

There will then be a two month transitional period for disapplications around staffing levels and paediatric first aid. This is to recognise that some providers may need time to get back to full staffing levels once the disapplications are lifted.

From 26 September to 25 November 2020:

  • this is the transitional period for the safeguarding and welfare requirements that were disapplied (including paediatric first aid) – providers will need to work to re-instate the safeguarding and welfare requirements in full by the 26 November 2020.
  • all of the learning and development and assessment disapplications cease to apply as of 25 September – providers will be required to reinstate the EYFS for these areas in full from the 26 September.

If there are further restrictions related to Covid-19 such as local or national lockdowns, then new regulations that come into force from the 26 September 2020 would apply. They would only apply where a provider is prevented from complying with the prescribed requirements of the EYFS due to coronavirus (COVID-19) related restrictions or requirements which have been imposed on a geographical area by regulations or a direction.

The detail of these can be found here.