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PACEY Cymru Celebration Event /Digwyddiad Dathlu PACEY Cymru

Darllennwch yma yng Nghymraeg. Read this in Welsh here.

On Saturday 14 October PACEY Cymru held their first event to celebrate the achievements of members in Wales over the past 12 months and recognise their ongoing commitment to the childcare and early years sector.

It was wonderful to see so many members and partners at the event and to have the opportunity to come together to celebrate, engage, share, learn and develop.

Those present heard updates from CIW and from inspiring guest speakers including Chantelle Haughton from DARPL (Diversity and Anti-Racist Professional Learning) on the subject of 'Thinking differently' and from Jo Grace, The Sensory Projects on 'The Ingredients to a Super Sensory Story'.

The event recognised the achievement of the following;

  • Those who have registered as a childminder in the last twelve months.
  • Those who have completed Camau training.
  • Those who have achieved a level of, or who are working towards, the Welsh Promise.

Alongside this we also presented a number of awards as part of the event including;

We want to say a huge congratulations to all our nominees and award winners at the event.  Read more about these below.

If you have been inspired by reading about members achievements and want to be involved in our work in Wales please email

Voice of the sector in Wales


Lisa Hornby

Lisa has been nominated for the work she has done to raise the profile of nannies in Wales and the challenges they are facing. 

The nanny sector in Wales is small with only 51 currently on CIW’s voluntary approval scheme.  Just because the sector is small does not mean they should be overlooked. Nannies offer a unique service to families, and in Wales, this is often different to the traditional view of services offered. Nannies offer childcare in a child’s own home to support parents and can be a  valuable option for families with children with additional needs, those requiring respite style services, families with siblings or parents/carers who work shifts.

Lisa has shared her views professionally with us over the last year and been a strong voice for the sector.  She has engaged in working groups previously to bring the issues to the forefront and flies the flag for the sector she so passionately supports.

She has shared the challenges that nannies facing challenges in relation to the impact that funded childcare in other childcare services is having on their business. While inclusion on the voluntary approval scheme opens up opportunities for families using their services to access some tax benefits nannies are not able to deliver funded childcare programmes such as the Childcare Offer for Wales, Flying Start or early years education.  This limits the income they can receive and as funded services are expanded is having a significant impact on the market available to them.

Lisa understands the challenging landscape we are currently in as a wider childcare sector and how challenging it can be to influence changes against other areas that are seen as a priority.

We really value Lisa’s contribution to date and PACEY Cymru continue to highlight and raise awareness of the issues faced by nannies in Wales. We have developed and shared new content to promote becoming a nanny and there has been an increase to the number on the voluntary approval scheme which is promising.  We have also ensured the importance of the service provided by nannies is captured in Local Authority Childcare Sufficiency Assessments (CSA’s) to ensure reflection and monitoring of service support.  

Maureen Wood and Sarah Harper

Maureen and Sarah have been active participants in our Childminder Forums and regularly contribute to the discussions.

Both Maureen and Sarah have been a strong voice for the sector in relation to sharing views on ratios and raising awareness of the issues and the impact of these on childminders over recent years. They called on PACEY Cymru to lobby on their behalf and attended an engagement session, facilitated by PACEY Cymru with Welsh Government representation, to hear the views of the sector.

Maureen and Sarah spoke to us about the need for flexibility to expand the ratios in Wales to accommodate the need of parents/carers, in particular to accommodate siblings and larger families. Both were looking for this to have parity with the flexibility given to childminders registered to work in Scotland and England.

The views and challenges are reflected in the Independent Review of Childminding in Wales and will be looked at further as this work develops. The report notes that childminders in Wales felt the inflexibility of the current ratios for younger children adversely affects their businesses and financial viability.

Lorraine Kitchin

Lorraine Kitchin has been a registered childminder in Carmarthenshire for over 10 years. Lorraine has been a regular contributor to the work of PACEY and a voice for the local childminding community.

Lorraine is a strong voice in relation to opening up opportunities for childminders to deliver funded provision and has supported engagement work in the Local Authority where the Flying Start team and PACEY Cymru have met with local childminders.

By doing this Lorraine has supported wider building of relationships between the childminding community, PACEY Cymru and the Flying Start team.

  • Winner: Lisa Hornby

Contribution to the work of PACEY

Members have engaged with PACEY and contributed to our work in various ways over the last twelve months.  This includes those who are part of our Volunteer Insight Panel (VIP) as well as those who have supported with the production of case studies, blogs and filming activity.  Four awards were made under this category for notable contributions. 

Debra Hughes

Debra received an award in this category for contributing to a case study in relation to her involvement in testing of the curriculum for funded non-maintained nursery settings in a childminding setting. The associated case study was published on the Welsh Government HWB website

Ian Henderson

Ian Henderson recieved an award in this category for sharing his experiences and practice that contributed towards the production of articles in The Childcare Professional, PACEY’s magazine for members.

Josephine Boglo

Josephine received an award under this category following her sharing her experiences that supported the development of our blog on Creating an anti-racist Wales.

Kate Wright

Kate received an award under this category for enabling Welsh Government to film in her setting, showcasing best practice, to support the development of training module vlogs on the Hwb website.

Welsh Language learner of the year 

PACEY Cymru as part of the Cwlwm consortia recognises the importance of developing the Welsh language and is proud of taking an active role in contributing to the Welsh Governments target of one million Welsh speakers by 2050. Many PACEY members in Wales have demonstrated their commitment to developing their own Welsh language skills and in supporting children to develop their skills. 

  • Winner: Christine Troakes

Christine is committed to the development of her own Welsh language skills and to ensure that these have a positive impact on the children using her service.  She has over the last twelve months completed Camau training, joined PACEY Cymru monthly Welsh language webinars and more recently achieved the bronze level award of the Welsh Promise. Christine has also implemented the learning into her practice and shared this with others.

Social Media Star

Over the last twelve months PACEY Cymru have been keen to increase the engagement with members on social media and for members to share ideas with peers to promote quality practice. 

The sharing of images and videos through our social media platforms encourages others to think about the profession as a source of childcare for their children, as a career choice as well as inspiring other childcare providers.

The nominees for our social media star were made for their contribution and engagement with PACEY Cymru over the last year and the winner chosen based on the level of engagment, inspiration to others and variety of posts shared.


  • Carly Williams
  • Donna Young
  • Lee Walker- Metzelaar
  • Samantha Evered
  • Sarah Sharpe
  • Victoria Johns

Winner: Sarah Sharpe

Ar ddydd Sadwrn 14 Hydref cynhaliodd PACEY Cymru eu digwyddiad cyntaf i ddathlu cyflawniadau aelodau yng Nghymru dros y 12 mis diwethaf a chydnabod eu hymrwymiad parhaus i’r sector gofal plant a blynyddoedd cynnar.

Hyfryd oedd gweld cymaint o aelodau a phartneriaid yn y digwyddiad a chael y cyfle i ddod at ein gilydd i ddathlu, ymgysylltu, rhannu, dysgu a datblygu.

Clywodd y rhai a oedd yn bresennol ddiweddariadau gan AGC a gan siaradwyr gwadd ysbrydoledig gan gynnwys Chantelle Haughton o DARPL (Dysgu Proffesiynol Amrywiaeth a Gwrth-hiliol) ar y pwnc 'Meddwl yn wahanol' a gan Jo Grace, The Sensory Projects ar 'Cynhwysion Stori Synhwyraidd Wych'.

Roedd y digwyddiad yn cydnabod cyflawniad y canlynol;

  • Y rhai sydd wedi cofrestru fel gwarchodwr plant yn y deuddeg mis diwethaf.
  • Y rhai sydd wedi cwblhau hyfforddiant Camau.
  • Y rhai sydd wedi cyrraedd lefel, neu sy’n gweithio tuag at, yr Addewid Cymraeg.

Ochr yn ochr â hyn, gwnaethom hefyd gyflwyno nifer o wobrau fel rhan o’r digwyddiad gan gynnwys;

Rydym eisiau llongyfarch ein holl enwebeion ac enillwyr gwobrau yn y digwyddiad.  Darllenwch ragor am y rhain isod.
Os ydych wedi cael eich ysbrydoli gan ddarllen am gyflawniadau aelodau ac eisiau bod yn rhan o’n gwaith yng Nghymru, e-bostiwch

Llais y Sector


Lisa Hornby

Mae Lisa wedi’i henwebu am y gwaith mae hi wedi’i wneud i godi proffil nanis yng Nghymru a’r heriau sy’n eu hwynebu. 

Mae’r sector nanis yng Nghymru yn fach gyda dim ond 51 ar gynllun cymeradwyo gwirfoddol AGC ar hyn o bryd.  Nid yw'r ffaith bod y sector yn fach yn golygu y dylid eu hanwybyddu. Mae nanis yn cynnig gwasanaeth unigryw i deuluoedd, ac yng Nghymru, mae hyn yn aml yn wahanol i’r farn draddodiadol am y gwasanaethau a gynigir. Mae nanis yn cynnig gofal plant yng nghartref y plentyn i gefnogi rhieni a gall fod yn opsiwn gwerthfawr i deuluoedd â phlant sydd ag anghenion ychwanegol, y rhai sydd angen defnyddio gwasanaethau seibiant, teuluoedd â brodyr a chwiorydd neu rieni/gofalwyr sy’n gweithio sifftiau.

Mae Lisa wedi rhannu ei barn yn broffesiynol gyda ni dros y flwyddyn ddiwethaf ac wedi bod yn llais cryf i’r sector. Mae hi wedi bod yn rhan o weithgorau o’r blaen i ddod â’r materion i’r blaen ac yn chwifio’r faner dros y sector y mae’n ei gefnogi mor angerddol.

Mae hi wedi rhannu’r heriau y mae nanis yn eu hwynebu – heriau mewn perthynas â’r effaith y mae gofal plant a ariennir mewn gwasanaethau gofal plant eraill yn ei chael ar eu busnes. Er bod cael eu cynnwys yn y cynllun cymeradwyo gwirfoddol yn cynnig cyfleoedd i deuluoedd sy’n defnyddio eu gwasanaethau gael mynediad at rai budd-daliadau treth, nid yw nanis yn gallu darparu rhaglenni gofal plant a ariennir fel Cynnig Gofal Plant Cymru, Dechrau’n Deg neu addysg blynyddoedd cynnar. Mae hyn yn cyfyngu ar yr incwm y gallant ei dderbyn ac wrth i wasanaethau a ariennir ehangu, mae'n cael effaith sylweddol ar y farchnad sydd ar gael iddynt.

Mae Lisa’n deall y dirwedd heriol rydym ynddi ar hyn o bryd fel sector gofal plant ehangach a pha mor heriol y gall fod i ddylanwadu ar newidiadau yn erbyn meysydd eraill sy’n cael eu hystyried yn flaenoriaeth.

Rydym wir yn gwerthfawrogi cyfraniad Lisa hyd yma ac mae PACEY Cymru yn parhau i amlygu a chodi ymwybyddiaeth o’r materion sy’n wynebu nanis yng Nghymru. Rydym wedi datblygu a rhannu cynnwys newydd i hyrwyddo dod yn nani a bu cynnydd yn y nifer ar y cynllun cymeradwyo gwirfoddol, sy’n addawol. Rydym hefyd wedi sicrhau bod pwysigrwydd y gwasanaeth a ddarperir gan nanis yn cael ei gynnwys yn Asesiadau Digonolrwydd Gofal Plant Awdurdodau Lleol (CSAs) i sicrhau bod cymorth gwasanaeth yn cael ei adlewyrchu a’i fonitro.  

Maureen Wood a Sarah Harper

Mae Maureen a Sarah wedi bod yn gyfranogwyr gweithredol yn ein Fforymau Gwarchodwyr Plant ac yn cyfrannu’n rheolaidd at y trafodaethau.

Mae Maureen a Sarah wedi bod yn llais cryf i’r sector mewn perthynas â rhannu barn ar gymarebau a chodi ymwybyddiaeth o’r materion ac effaith y rhain ar warchodwyr plant dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf. Gwnaethant alw ar PACEY Cymru i lobïo ar eu rhan a mynychu sesiwn ymgysylltu, a hwyluswyd gan PACEY Cymru gyda chynrychiolaeth o Lywodraeth Cymru, i glywed barn y sector.

Siaradodd Maureen a Sarah â ni am yr angen am hyblygrwydd i ehangu’r cymarebau yng Nghymru i ddarparu ar gyfer anghenion rhieni/gofalwyr, yn enwedig i wneud lle ar gyfer brodyr a chwiorydd a theuluoedd mwy. Roedd y ddwy yn edrych am i hyn fod yn gyfartal â'r hyblygrwydd a roddir i warchodwyr plant sydd wedi cofrestru i weithio yn yr Alban a Lloegr.

Adlewyrchir y safbwyntiau a'r heriau yn yr Adolygiad Annibynnol o Warchod Plant yng Nghymru a byddwn yn edrych arnynt ymhellach wrth i'r gwaith hwn ddatblygu. Mae’r adroddiad yn nodi bod gwarchodwyr plant yng Nghymru yn teimlo bod anhyblygrwydd y cymarebau presennol ar gyfer plant iau yn effeithio’n andwyol ar eu busnesau a’u hyfywedd ariannol.

Lorraine Kitchin

Mae Lorraine Kitchin wedi bod yn warchodwr plant cofrestredig yn Sir Gaerfyrddin ers dros 10 mlynedd. Mae Lorraine wedi bod yn gyfrannwr cyson i waith PACEY ac yn llais i’r gymuned gwarchod plant leol.

Mae Lorraine yn llais cryf mewn perthynas ag agor cyfleoedd i warchodwyr plant gyflwyno darpariaeth a ariennir ac mae wedi cefnogi gwaith ymgysylltu yn yr Awdurdod Lleol lle mae tîm Dechrau’n Deg a PACEY Cymru wedi cyfarfod â gwarchodwyr plant lleol.

Drwy wneud hyn mae Lorraine wedi cefnogi adeiladu perthnasoedd ehangach rhwng y gymuned gwarchod plant, PACEY Cymru a thîm Dechrau’n Deg.

  • Enillydd: Lisa Hornby

Cyfraniadau at waith PACEY

Mae aelodau wedi ymgysylltu â PACEY ac wedi cyfrannu at ein gwaith mewn amryw ffyrdd dros y deuddeg mis diwethaf. Mae hyn yn cynnwys y rhai sy'n rhan o'n Panel Mewnwelediad Gwirfoddolwyr (VIP) yn ogystal â'r rhai sydd wedi cefnogi'r gwaith o gynhyrchu astudiaethau achos, blogiau a gweithgarwch ffilmio. Dyfarnwyd pedair gwobr o dan y categori hwn am gyfraniadau nodedig. 

Debra Hughes

Derbyniodd Debra wobr yn y categori hwn am gyfrannu at astudiaeth achos mewn perthynas â’i rhan mewn profi’r cwricwlwm ar gyfer lleoliadau meithrin nas cynhelir a ariennir mewn lleoliad gwarchod plant. Cyhoeddwyd yr astudiaeth achos gysylltiedig ar wefan HWB Llywodraeth Cymru. 

Ian Henderson

Derbyniodd Ian Henderson wobr yn y categori hwn am rannu ei brofiadau a’i ymarfer a gyfrannodd at gynhyrchu erthyglau yn The Childcare Professional, cylchgrawn PACEY i aelodau.

Josephine Boglo

Derbyniodd Josephine wobr o dan y categori hwn ar ôl iddi rannu ei phrofiadau a gefnogodd ddatblygiad ein blog ar Creu Cymru wrth-hiliol

Kate Wright

Derbyniodd Kate wobr o dan y categori hwn am alluogi Llywodraeth Cymru i ffilmio yn ei lleoliad, gan arddangos arfer gorau, i gefnogi datblygiad vlogs modiwlau hyfforddi ar wefan Hwb.

Dysgwr Cymraeg y Flwyddyn

Mae PACEY Cymru, fel rhan o gonsortia Cwlwm, yn cydnabod pwysigrwydd datblygu’r Gymraeg ac yn falch o gymryd rhan weithredol wrth gyfrannu at darged Llywodraeth Cymru o filiwn o siaradwyr Cymraeg erbyn 2050. Mae llawer o aelodau PACEY yng Nghymru wedi dangos eu hymrwymiad i ddatblygu eu sgiliau Cymraeg eu hunain ac wrth gefnogi plant i ddatblygu eu sgiliau. 

  • Enillydd: Christine Troakes

Mae Christine wedi ymrwymo i ddatblygu ei sgiliau Cymraeg ei hun ac i sicrhau bod y rhain yn cael effaith gadarnhaol ar y plant sy’n defnyddio ei gwasanaeth. Dros y deuddeg mis diwethaf mae hi wedi cwblhau hyfforddiant Camau, wedi ymuno â gweminarau Cymraeg misol PACEY Cymru ac yn fwy diweddar wedi ennill gwobr lefel efydd Yr Addewid Cymraeg. Mae Christine hefyd wedi rhoi’r dysgu ar waith yn ei hymarfer ac wedi rhannu hyn ag eraill.

Seren Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol

Dros y deuddeg mis diwethaf mae PACEY Cymru wedi bod yn awyddus i gynyddu ymgysylltiad ag aelodau ar gyfryngau cymdeithasol ac i aelodau rannu syniadau gyda chymheiriaid i hyrwyddo arfer o safon. 
Mae rhannu lluniau a fideos trwy ein platfformau cyfryngau cymdeithasol yn annog eraill i feddwl am y proffesiwn fel ffynhonnell gofal plant i'w plant, fel dewis gyrfa yn ogystal ag ysbrydoli darparwyr gofal plant eraill.


  • Carly Williams
  • Donna Young
  • Lee Walker- Metzelaar
  • Samantha Evered
  • Sarah Sharpe
  • Victoria Johns

Enillydd: Sarah Sharpe