August 2015

Putting the pieces together: the construction of language

This blog focuses on the stages of language development that children go through when learning to speak, a journey that takes them through into school and beyond. 


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Do you need to clean your windows?

Due to popular demand, Happiness Expert Andy Cope is back at our November conference. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store. 


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Starting school: a developmental milestone for children and parents

A recent survey for PACEY found that the majority of parents (71%) are anxious about their child starting school. Here we explore what parents are anxious about, parents' versus child's anxiety and how you can show support in this transition. 


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Why caring for children with SEND could be right for you

Do you want to work with children with SEND? Be inspired with this blog from Jackie, a childminder that works with children with SEND.


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Give them a brain workout: fun music activities that boost child development

Learn how to maximise the learning power of music in practise with Boogie Mites' blog ahead of their workshop at our November conference. 


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The great outdoors

Childminder Pippa Ashton tells us all about the benefits of the great outdoors and the outdoor learning centre and she has helped develop. 


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The big handover

Sending your child into Reception can feel like saying “goodbye” to an old life and “hello” to a whole new set of carers and friends. Here, mum and Director of Mum Plus Business Esther Radnor explains how childcare professionals helped her little boy make a great start in Reception.


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Schemas: creating connections in the child’s world

Want to learn more about schemas and how to explore them with children and their parents? Read more in our blog from Dr Virginia Lumsden, a clinical psychologist working with children, young people and their families. 


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