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The value of volunteering

"But why do you do it?" "Don't you get paid for that?"

Why do we volunteer? There are many reasons actually, if you really stop and think about it.

1. Volunteers make a real difference to individuals. From helping someone feel welcome or teaching them a new skill, volunteering is a way of sharing our talents with others, helping them improve their own lives.

2. We benefit, too. Volunteering offers an opportunity to develop new skills and increase our self confidence as we approach new challenges with the support of those around us.

3. There are great opportunities. Sure, as a volunteer there'll be some difficulties, but the opportunities on offer will often more than make up for them!

4. We make things happen. Put a group of like-minded individuals together, add a cause they're all passionate about, and just watch what happens!

Here at PACEY we're celebrating the amazing volunteers who work with us across England and Wales. We think they're incredible! There are loads of ways to get involved as a volunteer with PACEY.

This volunteering week, have a think about what you're up to. If you're already volunteering somewhere, that's fantastic! Volunteers are awesome and help us achieve incredible things. And if you're not already volunteering your skills somewhere, get involved and begin to reap the benefits!

andrea turner
Volunteering is very rewarding. Much of the work I do with Childminders is pro bono because I don't want those who can't afford to pay for support or training to get left behind. We're all in this together (break into High School Musical end score....)
03/06/2015 16:13:49

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