September 2015

Childcare legislation changes in Wales

The Welsh government has announced important changes to childcare regulation and registration in Wales. PACEY Cymru's Claire Protheroe explains.


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I'll just Google it: technology and communication development

Technology is increasingly central to how we live, work and interact with each other. Research is now beginning to emerge about how technology affects children's language and communication development. This blog from I CAN's Amanda Baxter aims to look at how technology can support communication. 


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Fundamental British Values in the Early Years

Believe it or not, this new EYFS requirement is nowhere near as exasperating as you might think - and it's certainly nothing entirely new either. Registered Childminder, PACEY Associate and Fellow-Ambassador member Andrea Turner helps give some reassurance and cuts through the confusion with her blog on British Values. 


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Wales business assessment questionnaire findings 2015

Earlier in the year, childcare professionals in Wales responded to a Business Assessment Questionnaire. Here we explore the results of the survey, and outline the findings and next steps.


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Dinosaurs to robots: where will ICT take you?

ICT in early childhood has two purposes; the first is concerned with technology education and the second educational technology. Here John Siraj-Blatchford takes us on a journey through ICT in the early years with a few dinosaurs and robots along the way.


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Member of the month: Gemma Tasker

September's member of the month is Gemma Tasker from Doncaster - childminding member and PACEY Local Facilitator who recently joined us at a Government roundtable meeting. 



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