Children with speech, language and communication needs during the festive period

"A spiky sparkly threat waiting at the end of each year, with a sinister Santa who knows what you’ve done…"

I have just been reading an article that described Christmas this way. It's a quote from a teenager with autism and is a useful reminder before we deck the halls and put on the festive jumpers that this time of year may not be as exciting for everyone. I'll be looking at how to support children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) during the festive period.


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Supporting older children's language development

Many of you will be involved in supporting children over 5 and may see them before and after school. We explore how children continue to develop their communication and language skills through primary school and beyond, and the ways we can make the most of the opportunities we have to support them with these skills.


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The truth about 30 hours

With 30 hours edging ever closer, it will come as no surprise that I spend a great deal of my time unpicking the detail behind the doubling of the early years entitlement in England. Sadly, it is becoming increasingly apparent through the conversations I am having with our members, that there is not just a lack of information out there in the sector about 30 hours, but more worryingly, some of it is factually incorrect.


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The Dahl ethos

PACEY Associate, Andrea Turner shares with us the benefits of childminding and how she keeps such a positive outlook in a changing sector. 

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly.” It’s true, it must be, because Roald Dahl said so. 

You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” And that’s why I took to blogging about the Joys of Childminding. Many of us can’t be looking our best right now because all we’re seeing and hearing, and all we’re talking about and thinking about, is gloominess. But once you’ve cut through all the gobblefunk there really is an awful lot to feel whoopsy wiffling about. Honestly! So let’s bish the fizzwigglers and count our razztwizzlers starting right from the whunking zozimus


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MindEd training with PACEY

Having sailed through my two older girls early childhood pretty unscathed I went on to have my third child some 7 years later. Cue the sudden need for every scrap of help available to me to help me understand this complicated human being, who at the time, I was pretty sure had been put on the Earth to see just how good I was! I thought my knowledge around the Early Years was pretty good, my amazing little person had made me question this.


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Childminding and me

I fell into Childminding by accident, but absolutely love it and wouldn’t change what I do. I had my first daughter at the age of 26 and had always worked. She was a very easy baby, but I wanted to spend time with her so I chose to become a stay-at-home mother. It was lovely, but I had lost my individual personality, so when a good friend of mine needed extra childcare support I jumped at the chance. I found out how to get registered as a childminder, and have never looked back. 


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Language for explaining: helping children to assess risk and stay safe

Everywhere we look there are potential dangers and risks - especially with fireworks and bonfires coming up - but there are also opportunities to experience and enjoy. We can't live without risk but what we can help children (and ourselves) to do, is to learn about them to help keep themselves safe. 


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Author talk with Giles Paley-Phillips

No matter what the setting, it is always important to support children’s reading and growth through literacy. We had the opportunity to speak to Giles Paley-Phillips, award-winning author and father of two. Giles’ books have been likened to Roald Dahl, through their use of beautiful language and context that develops a child’s learning. During this Q&A, we spoke about how Giles supports literacy and what he has been up to. 


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5 must-have apps

Nowadays it’s normal for us to have our mobiles with us wherever we go. But are you making the most of the connectivity and using them in your setting? They can be extremely helpful aids in childcare, and we are going to show you how. 


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Award-winning app for an award-winning childminder

We had the chance to speak with award-winning childminder and PACEY member, Sam McKenna, about how Kinderly has supported her business. 


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