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A day in my life as a nanny

I am a nanny for four very busy, lively and amazing children. My day starts with a 5:30am alarm call at which point I prise my eyes open and start to get ready for the day ahead.

I leave home at 6:20am and start the 30 minute drive to work, I like to be at work five to 10 minutes early then I get time with my employer to hand over, have a quick chat and talk about things that the children have on for the day.

When I arrive at work I get a chorus of hellos, mornings and cuddles from the monkeys. The children are usually all at different stages of being ready for school. Romilly the eldest is dressed but hasn't done her hair. Penn is dressed but no jumper or socks (he hates socks and is always barefoot or in Crocs). Cecillia is usually in her onesie and Jago in his pjs, usually playing on the iPad.

After a quick chat with mum, Helen, she leaves for her long day at work and all the children wave goodbye at the kitchen window. Now it’s just me and the children and the race against time to get the morning heptathlon completed! This means getting breakfast eaten and cleared away, teeth brushed, getting dressed, doing hair, signing Prep diaries,packing school bags and preparing any after school activity kit and getting everything (and everyone) loaded into the car ready to drive away in 30 minutes! Most times we manage this with little nagging but there are other times I feel like a nagging fishwife and I’m repeating myself 10 times over without getting anywhere. So at this point they all stop what they are doing and they have to listen to what I’m saying…then things get done and we leave the house on time!

After the school run it’s back to the house and I have a quick breakfast before doing some chores. Every other week I wash the children’s bedding and I wash their bath towels every week. I’m lucky as Helen strips the children’s beds for me and usually has a load in the machine before I get to work, this makes a huge difference as it means I can get the washing done quicker. So I remake the beds, wash their towels, tidy the playroom and their bedrooms and iron their school uniforms. By the time I have done my jobs it’s time to get Jago from school at 12:15.

On the weeks I don’t do the beds I tend to bake and do a lot of batch cooking for the freezer for the days we are super busy, pushed for time or just need something I can defrost in the morning before we go on a day trip in the holidays. It’s so handy to have their favourites stocked up, occasionally the parents use them too which is great for them.

Once I have collected Jago from school I get him changed into some home clothes (and put his uniform in the wash as it often has some kind of lunch down it) and it’s our time together to just play, draw or go for a walk to the park or sit and watch the trains go by in the village. All the meals I prepare are made from scratch so Jago has half an hour of TV time while I prepare dinner, set the table and after our relaxing afternoon together we start thinking about the school run and the craziness that’s about to follow.

We collect Romilly, Penn and Cecillia from school, often at different times depending on their after-school clubs etc. and make our way home. Sometimes we don’t get in from school til 5:30/5:45pm so by this time they are all tired, hungry and ready for home. Sometimes the car journey home can be lovely where we talk about their days at school, the fun things, the annoying things and how things were in general. But not all car journeys are calm chat and laughter about our day… Some car journeys I feel the need to become a UN peace keeper as there is war breaking out in the back due to someone’s elbow going into someone else’s, someone sniffing too loud, laughing at someone who didn’t want to be laughed at and so on!

We get through the drive home and then the craziness of showers, dinner, homework and reading starts! The monkeys dump their bags in the kitchen and take it turns to shower and get into their pjs while I finish off dinner and unpack their school bags before getting them ready for the next day. I call them for dinner and they usually come running as they are hungry monkeys by then. After dinner they help to clear the table and put their plates and cups in the dishwasher while I gather their dirty things and put a wash on,unpack school bags and gather things for the next day. The two eldest then go upstairs to do their homework in their rooms while I sit with Cecillia and Jago at the kitchen table and do their reading, phonics and spellings.

It’s now around 6:30pm and the house is calm,clean and relaxed. 

Cecillia has taken my car keys and holds onto them so I can’t leave without saying goodbye to her. Helen or Simon usually come home around 6:45-7:00pm when we catch up and I hand over four fed, bathed and tired monkeys. Cecillia comes and gives me my keys and wants a cuddle. I say good bye to the guys and a chorus of good byes follow…Cecillia comes to the back door for her last hug and kiss and then runs to the window to wave goodbye!!

At the end of everyday Helen, or Simon if he’s home first, says thank you. That thank you goes a long way as I know they appreciate me!

I love my job and feel very lucky to have such a lovely family to care for.


About Vicky

My name is Vicky Beaton,I am 40 years old and married. I went to college for two years to study childcare and then went straight into nursery work. After three years in nurseries I decided to try nannying! 

It was the best decision I ever made. I have traveled to many amazing countries with various jobs and done quite a few high profile nanny jobs too. I had one family who I nannied for for 11 years, a family I only nannied for for three months as it didn't work, but in general I have been very lucky to have such lovely families. I have had a few jobs that are very challenging and testing. Sometimes it's the children and others it's the parents! But all jobs which I have had have made me the nanny I am today! 

Find out more about being a nanny.

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