January 2016

How can parents recognise quality in a childcare setting?

Maggie Bellamy, Childcare and Curriculum Advisor for Busy Bees Nurseries gives her top tips for parents looking to place their child in a nursery setting. 


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Children’s wellbeing in the UK: are our youngsters becoming unhappier?

Recent research suggests that children's wellbeing in the UK is lower than the rest of Europe and North America. But why are children becoming more unhappy and what can we do about it?


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Sing away the January blues with Chatterbox Challenge

Feeling flat after Christmas? (That's flat, not the other mince pie related one!)  Hopefully your voices have all been warmed up by some resounding choruses of Jingle Bells and Auld Lang Syne, and now you're looking for your next singing challenge, right? We have the perfect focus for you - I CAN's Chatterbox Challenge. 


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Allergen rules – a refresher

Over a year on from the introduction of food allergens legislation and we re-visit with top tips to help from the Food Standards Agency. 


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A look at British values and the Prevent duty in Wales

In line with the news story here about the Prevent Duty communication sent to all childcare providers in Wales by CSSIW, Claire Protheroe, Direct Services Manager (Wales) for PACEY talks about what you need to know and consider.


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