July 2016

Top tips for listening

“Listening is one of the most important of all the skills that children need if they are to learn from their environment (the world around them).”


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‘Professional Love’ in Early Years Settings

Professional Love in Early Years settings (PLEYS) was a piece of research led by Dr. Jools Page and a small team of researchers at the University of Sheffield looking into the research gap and to give confidence to early years practitioners when working closely and intimately with young children.


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Becoming bilingual

We often talk about supporting children to develop their English language skills and part of the 2015 Ofsted criteria in England is about tracking children's progress in English. However, this blog is going to take a different perspective on bilingualism and look at Wales and the development of Welsh Language skills. 


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Nursery rhymes are amazing

There are lots of supportive child development practices that have been passed down from generation to generation. For example, we've been singing songs such as Round And Round The Garden with babies for years. I wonder, though, if everyone that has sung this song knew that the circle motions made on a baby’s hands helps them to map out their skin and therefore supports their brain development?


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