June 2016

Brexit – does it matter for early years?

What impact will Brexit have on the early years sector? Liz Bayram explores. 

This blog first appeared in Nursery World.


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I won't let dyslexia hold me back

I’m Jenny. I’m an Ofsted registered childminder and have been since 2000 I started childminding when a local authority worker said I would be fab at it. I’m still here 16 years later. Through the last 15 years I have taken various training but it wasn’t until 2009 that I was diagnosed dyslexic while starting my learning on a level 4 qualification.


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CSSIW online Self Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) in Wales

CSSIW have now confirmed the move to an online system and information on dates for the annual data collection for registered childcare settings in Wales for 2016 through the Self-Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) and associated Quality of Care report. This blog gives further information and guidance on the changes and processes including timescales, how to prepare and submit a SASS form online and what further help and support is available.


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Building Brains – Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

This week (6 to 10 June 2016) has seen the launch of the first Infant Mental Health Awareness Week (IMHAW) by Parent Infant Partnership (PIP) UK and 1001 Critical Days in conjunction with partner agencies.


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The magic of volunteering

The first week in June is always Volunteers' Week, run by NCVO. It's a great reminder to all organisations to say thank you to volunteers. It's great, because as a nation we don't always think to thank the people who help us. My job is supporting volunteers and highlighting the work they do so volunteers week is very special to me.


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What you need to know about autism to be an effective professional

Richard Maguire’s article in this month’s Childcare Professional gives a brief but excellent insight into the confusing world a person with autism lives in. 


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Getting kids on the go: Being active for health

Being active is good for all of us and this is especially true for children under 5. It has been proven to support brain development, enhance bone health and muscular development as well as benefit social and cognitive skill development and emotional wellbeing. The current government guidelines recommend that children under 5 who can walk should be active for at least three hours per day and minimise the time they spend sitting to achieve these benefits. 


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