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MindEd training with PACEY

Having sailed through my two older girls early childhood pretty unscathed I went on to have my third child some 7 years later. Cue the sudden need for every scrap of help available to me to help me understand this complicated human being, who at the time, I was pretty sure had been put on the Earth to see just how good I was! I thought my knowledge around the Early Years was pretty good, my excitable little person had made me questioning this.

The MindEd training appealed so much to me as it broke down very complex areas into small units such as Development of Children’s Thinking, Attachment, Human Development and Emotional Development to name just a few. It helped me relate the things I was seeing with my own children.
It helped me realise that some of the things they were doing, with my love and support, could be supported and improved upon. It gave me a better understanding of the rationale behind some of the behaviours and with this extra understanding my patience grew.

Since completing this course I have a greater respect for children’s emotions both good and not so good. That helped me with all three of mine and the minded children that I’m lucky enough to care for. I take the time to see past the more negative emotions and question the whole picture. Am I meeting these children’s emotional needs? Am I letting my emotions get carried away too? Am I being the support they need? What other factors could be contributing to this? When completing home visits for my new starters I’m more aware of environmental factors that could be impacting their mental health, things I wouldn’t have thought of before. 

The course looked at things that I hadn’t even considered when working in the Early Years. It enlightened me to the fact that teenage children are actually built to sleep a lot more than I realised. And that they have bursts of energy at night-time! Who knew they weren’t doing that on purpose?

I would highly recommend this training to anyone who works in childcare and even to those who don’t. I did it in the evening whilst mine were in bed and completed it over the course of a month. It was incredibly flexible and I did it as and when I had the time. I learnt things about myself, my older two and my new excitable little one. Fostering our children’s mental health now will only ever help them. I have since gone on to read more on this fascinating subject since completing the course and am supporting all the children in my setting far better.

My excitable little human is happier and with the help of a very supportive primary school is getting the support he needs to be him and unashamedly him. This course was the stepping stone that I needed and I would highly recommend it as a good starting point into supporting young healthy minds.


We've worked with MindEd to identify a series of free e-learning sessions designed specifically to help you develop your understanding of child mental health, and to provide tips and advice on how to support mental health and wellbeing in the early years. 

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