October 2016

Language for explaining: helping children to assess risk and stay safe

Everywhere we look there are potential dangers and risks - especially with fireworks and bonfires coming up - but there are also opportunities to experience and enjoy. We can't live without risk but what we can help children (and ourselves) to do, is to learn about them to help keep themselves safe. 


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Author talk with Giles Paley-Phillips

No matter what the setting, it is always important to support children’s reading and growth through literacy. We had the opportunity to speak to Giles Paley-Phillips, award-winning author and father of two. Giles’ books have been likened to Roald Dahl, through their use of beautiful language and context that develops a child’s learning. During this Q&A, we spoke about how Giles supports literacy and what he has been up to. 


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5 must-have apps

Nowadays it’s normal for us to have our mobiles with us wherever we go. But are you making the most of the connectivity and using them in your setting? They can be extremely helpful aids in childcare, and we are going to show you how. 


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