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Award-winning app for an award-winning childminder

In 2014, Sam McKenna, from Southend was named Childminder of the Year in the prestigeous Nursery World Awards. Sam was an early-adopter of Kinderly, making the move to the onling learning journal system shortly after Kinderly's partnership with PACEY was announced. (NB - @nurserybook is Kinderly's Twitter handle.)

Getting started

Setting everything up on Kinderly was really easy, it took an evening to transfer everything and then it’s just a case of adding things in as I go. I really like it because you can use it on the go, it’s instant and it’s accurate. Before it might have been a case of writing down notes or taking a picture when something happened, then looking back at it later. This was always hard because you would end up with lots of notes, you might lose them or have missed something when you came to look back at it. This way, you can record observations in the time it takes to send a text.

Why Kinderly?

It is really effective and handy to have, and because it’s on my iPad, I’m never without it. If you see a "wow" moment you can capture it as it happens. It then goes straight to the app, which is sent directly to the parents. It just makes things a lot quicker and easier so that I can focus on the children. People like it, and I’m always telling people about it. I had a friend of mine cancel her old one and join Kinderly after seeing how easy it is to use.

What benefits does it have?

Having all of the PACEY policy and procedures along with the All about Me section is really helpful. It makes it a lot easier to add things in and see what the children have achieved.

Knowing that PACEY has recommended this is reassuring. As a childminder, using other systems can make you wary about data protection, but using Kinderly means that I know it is safe because PACEY has certified it. It also makes the parents feel a lot safer, knowing that it’s recommended by PACEY.

As a professional it has cut my paperwork down by half, everything is on there and I can just look through and select the different areas that a child has met that day. Before, it would be a case of getting out all the folders and searching through. Now, of an evening, I just sit down and fill it in instantly. I can even do it when I’m out, which I love, so if the children are napping in the car after a drop off; I can get it out and update it.

It’s helped with involving the parents in their child’s learning too. The parents have really embraced it, and they are really on board. The ‘Parent Portal’ is great, it is instant and keeps them up-to-date with their little ones. If I add something to their child’s profile I can send it to them straight away, so at work, they can see what is happening. It’s not a Learning Journey that goes out at the end of the term, but something constant that keeps them in the loop.

What are you waiting for?

If you'd like to try Kinderly, there's no better time. PACEY members can get an enhanced version of the app for just £8.00 per month. Find out more and get started at



Patricia Harris
Looking forward to using this
01/03/2017 20:56:03

Patricia Harris
I love Pacey
01/03/2017 20:54:21

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