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PACEY’s paediatric first aid training

I’m Claire and I have been working in childcare for 12 years now. I started as a preschool assistant in 2004 and have spent the last five years as a SENCO - a special educational needs coordinator. I needed to refresh my first aid qualification, so chose to attend PACEY’s paediatric first aid training course - running for 12 hours over two days.

As a SENCO I work with a range of children, and it is useful for me to know how to deal with different situations. I have had to deal with a seizure before in my previous job, and during that time I just went into automatic mode. I think if you are working with children you have to know, automatically, how to deal with a first aid incident.

The course was very convenient as it ran on a Saturday at my current place of work. This meant that I didn’t need to take time out of my normal work life, and was able to fit in the learning around other commitments. I found the course really interesting, as it covered a range of topics from resuscitation, to burns and choking. The topics covered by this course would be good for everyone who interacts with children on a regular basis because it teaches you how to deal with things that you may experience every day. It was an excellent refresher on what to do in a first aid situation.

The course was very hands-on and we used dummies to help us, which was a really helpful. There is a short test at the end, but it does not feel formal. It’s very relaxed and has a clear structure of things to help you deal with real-life situations. We got to learn a new technique, which made me feel that the course was very up-to-date. The tutor was informative, giving lots of extra facts about situations. She was encouraging and very helpful. I felt at ease throughout the course, which made the day enjoyable and educational.

For me, the most memorable piece of learning from the course would be the 'choking and convulsions' part. It's something that I am likely to experience in my workplace. It is important that every person who is interacting with children is able to safely handle a situation like this. I think this course explained it in a way that would help a parent, carer or teacher to know what to do if they find themselves needing to give first aid.

Personally, I found this course was better, and more educational, than the one I had previously done with St John Ambulance. 

If you need to refresh your first aid, look for a PACEY course near you. We also work with national first aid training provider, Tigerlily Training. PACEY members will save £10 on the blended course (six hours face-to-face practical training, plus six hours online training), plus receive extra free training on anaphylaxis and using an auto-injector pen.

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