Updated Frequently Asked Questions on the 30 hours Childcare Offer in Wales

The Welsh Government has provided responses to many of the frequently asked questions by childcare providers last year related to the development and implementation of the 30 hour Childcare Offer in Wales .  These have been updated to reflect changes and developments.


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PACEY Policy - 2017: the year in review

Welcome to PACEY’s regular policy update. This month, we have taken a look back on 2017 and key achievements in England and Wales concerning childcare and early years, how we have represented your views to key decision makers and plans for the future. 


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PACEY's 2017 Festive Roundup

2017 has been a busy and eventful year, and here at PACEY we wanted to share some of the things that have happened to us and our members.


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Support and professional development in speech, language and communication

We know that it takes a community of family, extended family, neighbours, early years settings, schools and beyond to support children’s speech, language and communication. While families often see early years practitioners as the experts who have answers to their questions I thought this January  I would focus on you  and what support you need – who supports you to support children's speech, language and communication


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Early years oral health - the problems and solutions

In England, tooth decay is remains a serious problem. Worrying findings from Public Health England’s survey of 5 year old children showed that a quarter (25%) of 5 year olds had experienced tooth decay, having on average 3 or 4 teeth affected. Childcare providers can play a huge role in supporting good oral health in children and reducing these figures.


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Help Ofsted to help you

Research and user testing is helping refine the processes that Ofsted use to register childcare professionals. And now, you can be part of the change.


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PACEY Policy - November

Welcome to PACEY’s regular policy update, which provides a summary of the latest policy developments in England and Wales concerning childcare and early years, and how we are representing your views to key decision makers.


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Aiming high: developing goals for children with speech, language and communication needs

This month’s focus is on aiming high and developing positive outcomes for children with speech, language, communication needs (SLCN).  


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Turning one passion into another

Wendy tells the story of her journey from being a passionate and hardworking childminder to a successful author. Find out more about her latest book and how it can benefit the children in your settings. 


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Maths: it’s an attitude

Numeracy (the ability to understand and work with numbers) is one of the key skills needed in life.  We use maths in every aspect of our lives. However, here in the UK we have a long term and increasing issue with low levels of numeracy in the adult population. Early years practitioners can use simple tips to create a positive attitude towards maths, to help make a step in the right direction. 


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