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Easter is coming!

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the Easter bunny coming to visit so it’s time to start planning my Easter activities for my childminded children.  

As a childminder, I always try to ensure my activities are accessible for all the ages I care for and promote their individual learning and development. They also need to be simple, require little preparation time and aim to use things I already have in my craft supplies.  

With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of my 10 favourite Easter themed activities that have been tried and tested over the years by my little ones.

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide some Easter eggs (chocolate or plastic) in the garden and send the children on a hunt for them. Working in groups is a great way to encourage teamwork and build confidence as well as the opportunity for developing new language and following instructions. Don’t forget to count them once they’ve all been found.

EYFS: Physical Development, Maths, Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Communication & Language.

Easter tuff tray

Using a tuff spot or shallow tray, create an Easter themed tuff tray which can be used for small world and imaginative play. Add Easter themed items such as chicks, lambs, bunnies, Easter eggs and let them use their imaginations.

EYFS: Expressive Arts & Design, Communication & Language, Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Easter Sensory Bin

I love putting together sensory bins for the children, especially creating one based around a theme. To create an Easter one you could either dye some rice green or yellow or added some shredded paper along with plastic Easter eggs. Don’t forget to add some scoops, pots and tweezers for lots of fun transferring and pouring.

Count the objects in the sensory bin and talk about the textures, colours and sizes with the children. Let them explore and

EYFS: Physical Development, Expressive Arts & Design, Maths.

Easter Chicks

Every year we make an Easter chicks craft. They’re easy to create and simple enough that even the smallest of hands can join in. Use a paper tube, paper plate or cardboard chick cut out and decorate with lots of glue, yellow feathers or tissue paper and googly eyes.

EYFS: Physical Development, Expressive Arts & Design, Communication & Language

Upper and Lower Case Letter Matching Game

Using plastic Easter eggs that you can find in most pound shops write the upper case of each letter on the top half of the egg and the lower half of the egg the lower case. Place them in a basket or tray and ask the children to match them up.

EYFS: Physical Development, Literacy.

Easter baking

Making Chocolate Easter Egg Nests is such a classic Easter baking activity that I do every year with the children. Cooking with children offers lots of opportunities for reading recipes and ingredients, weighing and measuring, mixing and following instructions as well as observing how the ingredients change when mixed together.

EYFS: Literacy, Maths, Communication & Language, Maths, Physical Development.

Grow Cress Heads

Watching the process of something grow and change over time is a fantastic learning experience for young children. To make cress seed egg heads simply knock off the top of an egg and wash out the inside. Place some cotton wool inside dampen before sprinkling on the cress seeds.

Children can decorate the front of them with silly faces, or draw a friend or family member. Once the cress has grown they can have fun cutting it to create a hairstyle. And don’t forget to enjoy in an egg and cress sandwich. Yum!

EYFS: Understanding the World, Expressive Arts & Design, Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Physical Development.

Chocolate Playdough

Playdough is one of my favourite sensory mediums, it allows for endless creative and open-ended play and always keeps my little ones engaged for long periods of time. Create a chocolate scented playdough by adding in a few teaspoons of cocoa powder to a basic playdough recipe and set out with some things to decorate it with such as beads, buttons, pipe cleaners etc.

EYFS: Physical Development, Maths, Expressive Arts & Design

Egg and spoon races

Grab some spoons and eggs and have fun with egg and spoon racing in the garden. If you’re not brave enough to use uncooked eggs boil them first or buy a plastic set. Lots of balancing and concentration.

EYFS: Physical Development, Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Easter Egg Painting

Cut out a large Easter egg shape onto some card and set it out with some coloured paints and cotton buds for some fun Easter egg decorating. Using cotton buds helps to work those fine motor skills and allows children to design their own individual eggs.

EYFS: Physical Development, Expressive Arts & Design

As with all my activities, I aim to remain as hands off as possible and let them create, explore and discover in their own way which allows for some fantastic observations. What Easter activities do your little ones love to do?

Author Bio

Clare is a mum of 2 children aged 2 and 5 and has been an Ofsted registered childminder since 2013. You can find her blog over at Clare’s Little Tots where she shares easy crafts, recipes and activities as well as help with aspects of childminding such as planning and CPD.  

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