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Help Ofsted to help you

Childminders and early years providers play a vital role in the success of our economy. The government needs to deliver reliable and accessible childcare to support parents who want to work. The flexibility, professionalism and high quality levels of care that you offer parents and children are a very important part of this.

We know that becoming a childminder and going through our registration process must be rigorous to ensure that children are kept safe – and a careful, thorough process is the best way to make sure that this is so.

It should however be a clear and straightforward process, with realistic timescales and with applicants being kept informed as things move forward so that you know what to expect and what we are doing. That’s why we need your help.

We need your help...

To make sure that our application process and our processes for contacting Ofsted work well for the people who need it. We are asking for you to join our research panel.

What does it involve?

We might ask you to fill in a survey, or answer some questions about how Ofsted’s online services are working for you, or even meet face to face with a researcher to show them how you use Ofsted’s systems.

Our researchers will listen to you to understand your concerns, experiences and needs surrounding the Ofsted website.

Meeting face to face with one of our researchers may involve asking you to use the Ofsted website or give feedback on new designs.

We try to make taking part as easy for you as possible – we hold sessions in Manchester and London, can visit you at home or your workplace, or talk online or over the phone.

How will this benefit me?

Your feedback will help us to make Ofsted websites easier for everyone who uses them. We want to talk to as many users as possible so we really understand what people need.

All of this research is to improve things for our users – it’s nothing to do with Ofsted inspections and anything you tell us will not be shared with anyone but our application improvement team.

How will my details be protected?

Your name, address and other details will be anonymised before we share the data. It will be stored securely and we follow all the rules put in place by the Data Protection Act and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. We will ask you how often you are happy to be contacted and we’ll stick to what you say! You can always say no to an invite and you can unsubscribe at any time.

You must be 18 or older and live in England to join our panel. Sign up to Ofsted's research panel here.

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