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Stay connected: why you should update your details

Sometimes, when trying to balance the demands of your business with your everyday life, small things such as updating your membership details can be forgotten. However, not providing us with your current contact details means you will miss out on a whole range of important and useful messages from the PACEY team.

Why should I update my home/setting address?

  • You will need to display your membership certificate and any insurance documents in your setting and we send these through in the post.
  • If there are any urgent reminders for vital information such as your EY number or Employers Reference number, which are vital for your membership, these messages will arrive through your letterbox.
  • Make sure you keep receiving your copy of Childcare Professional magazine, packed full of sector updates, opinion pieces, craft ideas and competitions.
  • If you buy any products from the shop, these will be shipped to your home/setting address.

What are the benefits of keeping my email up to date?

  • Use your email as your log-in details for MyPACEY where you can access all your training and resources.
  • When you purchase a product, receipts will be sent to your email address so you can keep these filed away. 
  • Do you have a Direct Debit or Payment by Instalment setup on your membership account? Then we need your email to confirm these setups and send you any reminders you may need. 
  • Every month you receive our member's newsletter, to keep you up to date with the sector. This may include renewal reminders or any seasonal offers/discounts on relevant products and services. 
  • Lastly, your email gives you the opportunity to provide feedback via surveys and opinion polls to make your membership the best it can be. 

Why does PACEY need my phone number?

  • If you have not renewed your membership or your insurance is about to run out, we call you to remind you about these renewal dates and make sure you are not working without insurance. do I update my details?

It's simple, you can update your details in three different ways, pick the option that suits you:

  • You can ring customer service on 0300 003 0005 with your membership number and update your details in a matter of minutes.
  • Email and let us know about your changes.
  • Log in to MyPACEY and change your details online.


Pauline Rice
I have contacted pacey numerous times requesting to receive the magazine when it comes out , as yet this has only happened once in 8 months , is this something that can be rectified please? thanks Polly
27/08/2017 14:01:48

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