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30 hours in 30 seconds, are you ready?

30 hours is coming for providers in England, are you ready?

We've created a series of videos to provide useful summaries and tips about topics within funded hours. These videos are to help early years practitioners in England increase their understanding of what this will mean for their business and understand how they can communicate these changes to parents. 

Have your say on 30 hours in our 2-minute snap survey.

The first in our series is '30 hours in 30 seconds: Questions', gives practitioners with some key questions you might want to start asking parents. 


(30 hours in 30 seconds: Questions)

Second, is '30 hours in 30 seconds: Flexibility', discussing the ways that 30 hours can be split over the year and between settings.

(30 hours in 30 seconds: Flexibility)

The third video in our series is around the topic of additional charges:

(30 hours in 30 seconds: Additional Charges)

Up next is the topic of eligibility and funded hours: 

(30 hours in 30 seconds: Eligibility)

Stay tuned for more videos!

For full support on any questions you may have on 30 hours, take a look at our funded hours spotlight.

Get involved in the conversation using the #30in30 on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

The offer in Wales is currently under development. Watch this space for developments and updates and read the latest on Wales.

Jane Thwaites
I like the format of your videos. Quick and easy to watch
11/08/2017 15:21:57

Hi Lynne,

Thank you for your feedback and apologies if you did not find the videos as useful as others have. We do have our early years funded hours information page that has lots of information in more detail for all providers which we hope you will find more useful.

Best wishes, Holly, PACEY
26/06/2017 14:26:16

Your '30 second' video was not helpful at all. How about a '30 minute' video of useful information for all childcare providers?
22/06/2017 16:53:49

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