May 2017

30 hours - the final countdown

With providers currently crunching the numbers to see if they can make funded hours work for their setting, PACEY’s chief executive Liz Bayram discusses the findings of our Childminders Fee Survey, highlighting how childminders, like other providers, will struggle to offer only funded hours sustainably.


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Communication and creativity

These Clickety Books come in a set of three, and will not only inspire the children with delightful stories, they also come with accompany puppets. With 6 puppets, featuring Chatty Bat, Clip Clop's Picnic and Jake's Cakes, engage the children with illustrations, rhytm, rhyme and repetition. Get activity ideas and more in this blog!


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Childminder to Author

With National Share-a-Story month in full swing, PACEY have spoken to inspirational childminder Teresa Marshall, who was motivated by her children and family to become an author of three books, including Spike and the Friendly Spider. 


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How communication and language skills support children to learn about giving and sharing

I remember talking to a group of children in Year 1 about sharing and, while some of them talked about the positive aspects of sharing, one child described it as ‘never getting what you want’. I thought this was an interesting insight and a useful starting point for looking at how sharing relates to speech, language and communication skills.


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Care is ageless

After her childminding children met a number of elderly volunteers at a Salvation Army donation trip, Chloe noticed that they positively thrived interacting with them, with an incredible amount of confidence. Chloe's great-grandmother was then diagnosed with Alzheimer's and the idea of visiting her with the children made complete sense.    


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A catch up with Rebecca Lihou, Childminder of the Year 2016

Rebecca Lihou was recognised for her outstanding setting and commitment to her children and parents. We catch up with her since winning Childminder of the Year 2016.


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Keeping children safe…we’re in it together!

A friend shudders recounting the horrible shock of their child coming close to a serious accident; a health visitor shares stories about accidents they’ve seen; the local paper’s front page features parents whose child died in an accident, sharing their story so others don’t suffer. The strongest voices are the ones we relate to and respect. We all have a part to play in keeping children safe. 


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Children’s Emotions Matter: Nurture emotional intelligence from birth

Skylark English talk about children's emotions and how early emotional awareness lays the foundation for a healthy, happy little one: emotionally, socially and mentally. 


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PACEY calls on all political parties to put childcare at the centre of their manifestos

PACEY states four pledges we are calling on all political parties to make in order to support young children and their families. 


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Use Them Or Lose Them - The Case Of The Overlooked Childminder

PACEY pushes for the supporting of childminders as if action is not taken, come September, families will lose out - as will childminders. This blog is an updated version of a Huffington Post blog submitted in February 2017. 


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