August 2018

Bringing it indoors: communication supportive environments all year round

Now that we approach the early stages of Autumn, it’s time to remind ourselves about indoor communication environments and what this looks like in practice. A communication supportive environment is one that promotes and supports children's language and communication skills. 


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Encouraging movement - ideas and advice for children with SEN

Supporting, caring for and teaching children with Special Educational Needs is something I’m incredibly passionate about. As a parent or practitioner, motor skills is a key development area when caring for a child with SEN. Special Educational Needs expert Georgina gives you some simple advice and ideas to help.


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Have you looked at Ofsted’s Facebook page for registered childminders and nannies?

Gill Jones, Ofsted’s Deputy Director, Early Childhood, explains how Facebook can help with your queries.


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Step by step: registering as a childminder

Claire Cook, Head of Quality at the Early Years Delivery Unit (EYFU), Ofsted, describes the steps you need to take to register as a childminder.


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Understanding Behaviour – a personalised approach to supporting the child

Achievement for All discuss the understanding behaviour in the EYFS and asking the question - Why is it that some children pick this up easily and others struggle?


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Are you Sepsis aware?

Since Melissa's son William died in December 2014 of sepsis, she has been campaigning tirelessly to raise awareness and stop any more preventable deaths. Understand more about sepsis, and what you as a practitioner should be looking out for. 


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