December 2018

PACEY's 2018 festive roundup

This year has been a busy and eventful one, and here at PACEY we wanted to share some of the key things that have happened to us and our members. For a more detailed roundup of how we have impacted policy in 2018, take a look at the latest policy blog.


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PACEY Policy: 2018 year in review

Welcome to PACEY’s regular policy update. This month, we have taken a look back on 2018 and key achievements in England and Wales concerning childcare and early years, how we have represented your views to key decision makers and plans for the future. 


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Tongues, tonsils and tinsel! Singing our way through Christmas

As the twinkling lights come on across towns and cities, the festive season is upon us. With it comes yet another opportunity to get our tinsel untangled and our tonsils tuned, ready to sing!


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Being part of the local community

We have been the greatest of friends for over 27 years and have always worked closely, starting out as Nannies before we had our own families, and became childminders. Together they strive to get involved with the community as much as possible. Find out more about their journey and be inspired. 


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Three fun ways to get the children outside this winter

When it’s cold outside and cosy indoors, it’s tempting to snuggle on the sofa and put a film on. But there are plenty of fun ways to encourage children to wrap up warm and play outside this winter too. Here are just a few ideas.


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Finding a friend: the top five benefits of working alongside other minders

All four of us feel that to work successfully, we need to be positive in our practice, and so we all strive to respect each other, to support each other and to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. We have compiled a list of five reasons (we could have listed far more!) as to why we think working closely together is brilliant for business!


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Treasuring the trash

When I first started out as a childminder I was worried.  What if I didn’t have enough toys?  What if I didn’t have the right toys? What if the children didn’t like my toys? What if I didn’t provide the right environment for them to ‘learn through play’? But then I got started, I sat back and watched the children a lot and I realised that actually, toys are not that crucial to play. 


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