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Easing your inspection worries

Becoming a childminder can be overwhelming and after feedback from members, we have found that one of the most nerve wracking aspects of this is your pre-registration inspection.

Recently, a member spoke to PACEY regarding their pre-registration inspection as a new childminder and how positive they found the process. So by sharing this, we hope it might put your mind at ease and relax any worries you may have. 

I finally had my pre-reg inspection and I just wanted to share with everyone what a positive experience it was... the lovely lady instantly put me at ease, and having the mind-set that they are there to help you be the best you can be as a childminder to your children and not to catch you out really helped.

One concern that you might have is what happens after the meet and greet, what do you do? What do you offer? The advice from Ofsted is to be your normal self. If you usually offer a visitor a drink, then offer a drink or biscuit and vice versa. Gill Jones, Deputy Director of Early Years at Ofsted, spoke to PACEY about the myths that you might experience during your inspection

My inspection was 3 1/2 hours long, and it involved going over safeguarding, understanding the signs of abuse, types of abuse, different scenarios in regards to how to plan for the children in your setting.

Safeguarding is a key topic that your inspector will discuss with you. So it is important to make sure you understand this, know what to do in different situations and have proof that you have taken action to educate yourself. Evidence such as a certificate for a course is a good way to start. PACEY have a safeguarding course endorsed by CACHE that you can do online as well as factsheet bundles and policies to download.

She also asked about ratios, where babies/toddlers sleep, had a look through my policies and procedures, and all my medication logs, risk assessments, external injury logs and what I had in plan in regards to communication with parents.

The inspector will want to talk to you about all aspects of your setting, including those mentioned above, so make sure you are prepared. Organise your policies and procedures and have them ready to share. You should also do the same for your day to day activities, any documentation you plan to use, learning journeys, medication or accident forms that the inspector might want to look at. 

I have downloaded the Kinderly App already so I had had a practice run which built my confidence on how to use it, I had everything set up and all my posters up and everything organised as if I was about to welcome children to show how I was going to run my business.

This member used Kinderly as one way of setting up your children's learning journey. The software comes with a mobile app, web dashboard and parent portal to keep your parents up to date with their child's daily activities and development. Kinderly users can even have fully integrated accounting and invoicing to manage finances, relieving the overall paperwork pressures. 

As a PACEY member you can even access yourself a 20% discount on the monthly cost of the service and grab yourself a 30 day FREE trial. 

The inspector was very pleased with everything and said she is very excited for me to start childminding which is always fantastic to hear!  So for anyone who is waiting for the all-important day, please don't panic! Just have everything ready and you will be fine!

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