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Thank you to my childminder

With our #childcarechampions campaign, PACEY strives to celebrate the work of early years practitioners and inspire others in the sector. So when parent Emma was looking for a special way to thank her childminder Simone, for all her continuous hard work, we were happy to help.

Meet Simone (Momo):

"Our childminder and her services are outstanding rated already however I feel the work she does deserves some kind of recognition, as I think it would be a great way to thank her for all her hard work and commitment."

Member for nearly 10 years, Simone has been a childminder for 17 years and is rated outstanding. 

How did you meet Simone?

"I first met Momo whilst out at a playgroup with my daughter Harriet, I very rarely got to speak to her because she was always busy with her children however she stood out in the busy playgroup because she was one of the fewer grown up’s interacting and playing with the children. It was at the point I needed to return to work and after trying and being slightly disappointed with other childcare options I decided to track Momo down."

Emma's daughter Harriet has been in childcare since she was 7 months old and after trying a number of other options, she decided that a childminder was a right choice for her. She was surprised at how difficult it seemed to find availability with anyone, especially those rated outstanding by Ofsted. After tracking down Simone, Emma's daughter was on the waiting list and started in September 2017. 

What do you particularly love about your childminder?

"As well as weekly transformation of her home setting into weekly themes, baking and crafts she is always out and about with the children, either at local groups or wildlife days but also spends time to teach the children ‘life skills’ on little walks to the shops using the crossing safely, all things that are fun to the children but very important."

How has Harriet's development changed since she started with her childminder?

"Harriet’s development has been amazing during the short time she has been with Simone which is the main reason I want to thank her so much as this I do not feel is by chance or just a particular stage where Harriet is picking things up. Within the first week of her going she was recognising colours as a result of the two weeks of colour themes, where Momo’s home was turned one half one colour and the other the second colour and then the next two primary colours the next week. She really dedicates everything around the themes to maximise the children’s developments. Harriet has only just turned two but even at 18 months in Momo’s care she had them baking and really does let them do it all from cracking eggs to pouring and stirring (all the potentially very messy things!) This has made my life as a busy Mum who is just starting my own business so much easier as Harriet has developed real life skills at a very early age whilst having the most eventful and exciting days, yet with the structure and repetitiveness they thrive on."

What would you say to parents who are not sure which childcare option is best for them? 

"To anyone considering childcare from nursery to a childminder I would say there are benefits of a nursery environment one being the mix of different personalities and social skills however, it is very similar to a school environment in which they will experience for many years anyway. The benefit of a childminder is I found it to be a far more personal experience for both Harriet and myself. I can clearly see how much Harriet loves Momo and the bond they have making my day at work much easier. I feel the smaller numbers mean that the little ones aren’t then a number themselves but are treated as little individuals all with very different interests and stages. They also have the freedom to do so much more and experience far more than being in the classroom type environment where they only get out occasionally. With a childminder you are dealing with the owner of the business, and so their ethics and beliefs are delivered directly which in other environments can be diluted."

"After a period of my little one being in Momo’s care I really wanted to give her a big thank you and some recognition for the way she goes above and beyond her requirements of a childminder.

So, on behalf of Oliver & Philips Mum’s and myself we want to say a massive thank you to Momo for all her efforts and hard work.

Emma x"

Support from PACEY

I would just like congragulate Simone for once again achieving 'OUTSTANDING' in her latest Ofsted Inspection Report (dated 12th January 2020).

Simone is one of the very few Childminders in the UK to have ALWAYS been awarded the highest overall grade (as available at that time) in each of her inspections.

Well done Simone - Everyone who knows you is proud of your achivements and we recognise you as being one the UK's most 'OUTSTANDING' Childminders!!!!
18/01/2020 19:29:03

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