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Subscribe to email alerts from the new Ofsted reports website

We want to make sure that your digital needs are met when running your business. As part of this, PACEY is continually talking to Ofsted about the gradual updates across their sites. Ofsted shared information about their latest update, that is being implemented next week:  

As you may be aware the new Ofsted reports site has been live for a number of months, alongside the existing reports site.

The new inspection reports site uses up-to-date technology, meeting the needs of our users. It is simpler to access on non-desktop devices and is built around the requirements of Ofsted’s external users.

It is easier for users to find information. The content is more streamlined and uses less jargon.

We are planning on turning the old inspection reports site off on Tuesday 2 October.

As part of this the email alerts from the old site about inspection reports have stopped. If you want to continue to receive email alerts when new inspection reports are published you will need to re-subscribe on the new site.

To receive email alerts about Ofsted’s inspection reports from the new website you will need to subscribe.

  • Go to
  • Use the search to find the provider(s) and/or search results you would like to receive email alerts for.
  • On provider and search result pages you will see ‘Get email alerts’: click this link to subscribe.

On the new site you can subscribe to receive email alerts about reports for a single provider or for a search result, such as by local authority or region.


There are redirects in place for the new site so if you have pages bookmarked these will redirect to the relevant page on the new reports website. However, links that go directly to a pdf will not be redirected. To fix these links you just need to go to the reports website and search for the provider. You will find the relevant report on the provider’s page. It is recommended to link to a provider page instead of a pdf report so that you always have the latest version of the report. 

Is your report not listed?

If you are looking for your report and it does not come up in the search, this might be because you have chosen to be redacted. If you wish to be seen on the site then please do contact Ofsted using and they will be able to update this for you. 

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