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The power of Kinderly

Are you one of the many Early Years practitioners who feel bogged down with recording learning journeys, printing evidence photographs and hand writing documents time after time? Do you worry whether your evidence and tracking methods are effective enough to help your children reach their full potential while attempting the constant juggling act of maintaining or improving your Ofsted grading? Does wading through paperwork affect your valuable time with the children? And just when are you meant to fit in training? 19 months ago this was exactly how I felt and after being a childminder for over a decade it threatened the career I otherwise loved...That was until I discovered the “power of Kinderly”

I couldn’t believe how this ingenious online Web and mobile app so quickly solved all my problems, firstly by making tedious and hugely time consuming repetition a thing of the past. I no longer had my daunting weekend list of admin to tackle and I was amazed at how much I was achieving during my normal working hours.

Kinderly enables me to create individual and group observations, planning and newsletters, with the latter items just typed once and sent to multiple parents at a time. Even the accounts are cleverly linked to parent billing.

The task of rewriting EYFS statements, next steps and characteristics of effective learning has vanished as I now select these with a very satisfying click of a button. No longer is a highlighter pen and statement sheet needed for my regular development updates. Kinderly handles this perfectly by updating the development table automatically as observations are added. The cohort tracker shows me the current stage of all children’s development at a glance and guess what? it’s magically updated too. Perfect not only for continual monitoring, but extremely valuable evidence when it comes to inspection time.

Daily diaries take me a fraction of the time as I can copy and paste the main content then add specific details to tailor for each child. A fantastic luxury I didn't have when using pen and paper for all those years!  Professional 2- and 5-year-old reports, summative development and transition documents are all easily produced by using the report templates. Kinderly also allows me to create very detailed learning journeys for each child, which like the reports, can be saved in a very handy PDF format. Parents can all receive these reports whilst giving me the peace of mind that I have this additional evidence for when the next inspector decides to make that call!

Two way communication and supporting home learning is handled with great ease. My parents love receiving their children’s achievements in the form of WOW moments and are now able to share information with me using the Postcards from Home facility, along with their opportunity to place a comment in the box of every observation they receive. My newsletters are a personal favourite as they are such an effective time saving method of keeping parents informed. The list of topics are endless from forthcoming visits, changes to current legislation, my commitment to on-going training, even down to that handy sun cream and suitable clothing reminder.

Kinderly plays an important part in the children's daily routine, often eagerly asking "Are you putting that on Kinderly?". They take huge pride in helping to send their achievements to their parents and hey presto! Kinderly has now become a learning tool for the children. This builds their confidence in simple ICT skills and allows them to gain the knowledge that information can be retrieved from computers and other devices. Positive parent feedback is a plenty with all aspects of Kinderly, especially time spent at home with their children discussing achievements, experiences and photographs on the Parent Portal. I get so much pleasure knowing that with every unlimited photograph I share, of which there have been hundreds to date, I am adding to the timeline of precious memories for each family.

With the recent addition of the Kinderly Learn online platform my commitment to on-going training is also achievable within working hours. I can choose which type of CPD training I do whether it is interactive or reflective learning, or my personal favourite, bite size learning which takes just minutes during snack time or if my little ones treat themselves to a few minutes extra sleep. It is so easy to log on in an evening or weekend, should I feel the need, without it taking me away from my family or creating traveling time and costs.

Subscribing to Kinderly has totally revolutionised the way I record data, saving me precious family time and money on resources such as ink and paper. Documents shared with parents, health visitors, nurseries and schools make me look every bit the professional I always strive to be. I feel that subscribing to Kinderly will not only ensure practitioners enjoy the many benefits of this easy to use software, but they will also be supported by the most friendly and efficient team I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Do my difficulties prior to Kinderly all sound familiar, do you need to find a more efficient way of recording your data and even if time saving isn't your concern would you like a more professional, fun and exciting way of achieving this? Kinderly is such a valuable business tool I simply couldn’t manage without it. Whether you are a lone Childminder like myself or a large nursery setting Kinderly allows us all to reap the same amazing benefits. My only regret is that I didn't discover Kinderly much earlier in my career.

About Karen

My name is Karen McDermott and I am a 45 year old childminder based in the beautiful Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. My childminding career started in 2007 and I pride myself in providing a fun, safe and homely environment for children to grow, learn and develop through play. I have gained outstanding gradings over my last two Ofsted inspections. I have been a PACEY member since starting my childminding career and benefit from the Kinderly discount as a result of my membership.  

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