August 2019

Gender stereotyping in early years

Thinking about gender stereoyping specifically and the Early Years, are we guilty of embedding gender stereotypes in the play, attitudes and lives of our children before they are even able to speak?


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Acknowledging the challenges of CPD and making the most of the opportunities

Keeping up to date and taking part in continual professional development (CPD) can sometimes be challenging - finding the time or the type of CPD that is helpful can be tricky but it is important to continue to learn, develop and reflect in order to provide high quality care and education.


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Be inspired at Childcare Expo Midlands

Childcare Expo Midlands is returning to Coventry and putting on even more of a show for Early Years and Primary professionals.


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Third Door, a different approach to providing childcare

Shazia talks about Third Door, a family-friend coworking space with an onsite Ofsted registered nursery. 


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Beyond words: supporting children using alternative forms of communication

Picture an all too familiar situation: you go on holiday to a new destination and you don’t speak the language. You want something to eat and drink, and you need to find the nearest toilet. How does this make you feel? Children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) often struggle with these types of situations and ICAN talks about how we can offer support.


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The curiosity approach in my setting

In late 2017 I chanced upon a post that showed a childcare setting with neutral tones, white washed walls, natural materials and fairy lights. The focus seemed to be on curiosity and there were trays of loose parts set out ready for children to tinker with. It was a light bulb moment and this is when I discovered The Curiosity Approach.


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Representation Matters: why children need inclusive stories

The best inclusive books are fabulous stories, rich in character and plot, which just so happen to also show children people like themselves and their families. But of course they are also so much more than that because as we all know, put very simply, representation matters. Co-Director of Letterbox Library, Fen Coles (Dr), talks about the importance of inclusive books.


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