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What will the education inspection framework mean for the early years?

At Ofsted, we are developing a new education inspection framework (EIF) for September 2019.

Inspection is about finding out what it is like to be a child with the childminder, at the pre-school or nursery.

What’s changing?

Much will stay the same – it is not change for change’s sake!

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman has said that the ‘curriculum’ will be at the heart of the new framework. We use that word in the current framework and have come up with a working definition to be clear about what this means.

What does ‘the curriculum’ mean for early years?

  • The EYFS (educational programmes) provides the curriculum framework that leaders build on to decide what they intend children to learn and develop.
  • Leaders and practitioners decide how they will implement the curriculum so that children make progress in the seven areas of learning – we will keep our definition of ‘teaching’.
  • Leaders and practitioners evaluate the impact of the curriculum by checking what children know and can do. 

The decisions we make about what we want very young children to learn and develop are so important – about the experiences we provide, the games we play, the words we use, the stories we read and the songs we sing and everything else!

We want to reduce workload….

We have been doing some thinking about what inspection may generate in terms of excessive workload or paperwork.

We often see assessments that involve huge amounts of intensive recording – because providers believe that is what ‘Ofsted’ wants to see? Well that is a myth – we think that far too much time is spent on everything that ‘Ofsted’ might possibly want to see. This means that, all too often, the focus on producing excessive paper distracts from the learning and development of children.

On inspection, we do need to find out what children know and can do already and how you plan for what needs to happen next…BUT this doesn’t mean we want to see lots of paperwork!

How can you find out more and know what is happening when?

You can find out more about some of our early thoughts, follow us on Twitter or join our Childminder registration page on Facebook.

Finally …have your say….

The consultation is open until 5 April 2019. Views are sought on the overall changes to the framework as well as on how they will work in practice for the individual education remits. All responses received will be considered carefully, and will help Ofsted to refine and improve the proposed approach before the final framework and inspection handbooks are published in summer 2019.

Download Ofsted's consultation presentation.

Jane FitzGerald
I agree, as a childminder, less paperwork would be a relief but we all need to be confident about our new expectations for the children and Ofsted inspectors.
19/05/2019 14:25:31

Olanike Moradeyo
Less paper work and more focus on supporting the children in the key areas would be a good idea for us the, childminders. Also, it’s would be so perfect if Ofsted would allow childminders working with 2 assistants to be converted as Childcare in domestic premises.
14/05/2019 18:50:58

Fatima Elrharib
for 2019 framework what is exactly the changes for the childminders ?
18/02/2019 09:40:17

Katharine Wright
I am encouraged to see how this develops. At our last inspection, the inspector said, 'I can see you're doing everything you should, I just need to see written evidence'. I suspect there needs to be a massive culture shift, starting with the inspectors.
06/01/2019 13:18:25

A J Shaw
Improved guidance as to what is required would help stress levels for the leaders and managers of all early years settings. Childminder especially (who tend to work on their own) will certainly welcome clarity in this area.
Also simpler processes for converting Childminder with 2 assistants to Child care on domestic premises including communication with local councils regarding planning permission /business rates etc
05/01/2019 07:43:18

Lynne Sykes
Hope this will be an improvement to ease the paperwork. So many good childminders giving up something has to change
04/01/2019 22:44:01

Wendy Veale
I am interested in the new changes & what exactly is expected of us childminders.
04/01/2019 18:21:37

Alison Blackery
Always interested in finding new updates to support children in early years
04/01/2019 17:33:46

Sarah Hall
Looking forward to see what we as childminders ‘need’ to have in place rather than ‘nice’ to have.
04/01/2019 12:51:45

Parkash Spall
I am very interested to find out more about Pacey and the new developments for EY inspection. Thank you
04/01/2019 12:14:50

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