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Finding quality quicker in Wales

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) has begun to publish ratings for childcare and play inspection reports. Gill Huws-John from the CIW Childcare and Play Inspection Team explains how they work.

‘Since the team was established in November 2017, it’s been a busy time at CIW. We’ve been preparing for more than two years now to publish ratings in our childcare and play inspection reports. We have talked to childminders and day care providers about ratings at stakeholder events, and also asked the public their views on ratings.

In May we began to publish the ratings. This is good news for our childcare and play providers and parents and carers, as it means they can see easily our views on the four inspection themes: wellbeing, care and development, environment, and leadership and management. We already publish ratings in our joint inspections with Estyn.

Some childcare professionals may have wondered if an ‘excellent’ rating is possible. We have been awarding silent (unpublished) ratings since 2016, and many childminders have been awarded the ‘excellent’ rating.

We have a new code of practice for childcare and play inspection in place, and this is available on our website for consultation. Inspectors have also received training on the Welsh Government’s new guidance on food and nutrition, which childminders and day care providers can find on the CIW and PACEY websites.

It’s been a really busy period for the team, but we are confident that the changes we have made will make it easier and quicker for parents and carers to find great quality childcare.’

PACEY Cymru works closely alongside other Cwlwm partners with CIW. A recent Cwlwm survey at the end of 2018 on silent ratings showed that 76 per cent of those who responded agreed with the rating given by CIW and that many settings have used the ratings to improve the quality of the service they provide. PACEY Cymru will be working closely with CIW to review the implementation or ratings this year.


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