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Finding the time for continuous professional development

We all need to do continuous professional development (CPD). As an early years childcare practitioner, it is your responsibility to make sure you’re doing regular continuous professional development and keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date. After all, you’re #notababysitter, right? CPD is also something Ofsted will ask you about during an inspection and you’ll be expected to show evidence of your learning. But after a long hard day, or week, of childcare - who wants to think about training?

Try some bite-sized learning

That’s where bite-sized learning and Kinderly Learn comes in. Bite-size learning for some people could mean an hour or two, or maybe even half an hour. But for Kinderly Learn, bite-sized learning is really ‘bite-sized’ - around 5 minutes or less!! Something really quick and snappy and fits into your busy life. As Karen, a childminder from Gloucestershire, says:

“I can grab a quick few minutes for professional development without feeling like it’s taking too much time...”

We know that our users do their learning mainly in the evenings and at weekends, whenever it suits them and they have some free time. So Kinderly Learn empowers you to learn ‘what you want, when you want’ by dipping in and out when it’s convenient to you.

Help when you need it

When developing Kinderly Learn, we really wanted to help practitioners with something called ‘moments of need’. Just think of those times when you’re working alone and think ‘How do I do this?’ or ‘What should I do now?' So we spoke to a lot of early years childcare practitioners and PACEY members to find out about the things they needed help with most. And their answers became the basis of our learning paths on Kinderly Learn – preparing for Ofsted, managing behaviour and planning observations were key suggestions. This means that Kinderly Learn can help you find the answers to real-life questions, like:

  • How do Ofsted judge ‘outcomes for children’?
  • How can I support language development for the over-threes?
  • How can I be more inclusive?
  • What is the graduated approach?
  • How can I develop better relationships with parents?

“Learning in different ways helps me remember more...”

Another main aim was to make Kinderly Learn fun and engaging. We wanted practitioners to find doing their CPD enjoyable and more than just a passive reading experience. We found that a lot of our users are visual learners so react and learn better with elements like videos, animations and picture-driven scenarios. But there’s also a lot of other learning methods that we use such as quizzes, factsheets and podcasts, which all help create a really different and interesting learning experience.

Working in partnership with PACEY

PACEY has been a key partner in the creation of Kinderly Learn. They were instrumental in developing the idea of bite-sized learning and what that looked like, and have been closely involved in creating and approving PACEY-specific learning paths and bites. Knowing that our training is credible, relevant and up-to-date is really important to our users. As Carolyn from Bristol said:

“You know the information you are getting on Kinderly Learn is trustworthy…”

What do our users think?

Don’t just take our word for it. Earlier this year we commissioned the University of West England (UWE) and Bath Spa University to write an independent report on what our users think about Kinderly Learn. They found that users think the platform is easy-to-use, informative, helpful, flexible, quick and convenient. Our users also said that Kinderly Learn:

  • “Challenges me”
  • “Reinforces my learning”
  • “Gets you thinking”
  • “Puts things into reality”
  •  “Tests my knowledge”
  • “Saves me a lot of time searching for advice”

Most importantly, they found that Kinderly Learn gives practitioners control over their own CPD and keeps them motivated to learn. It provides them with opportunities to reflect on their practice, keeps them up to date and acts as a ‘go to resource’ if they are unsure of something or want to know what to do.

And of the participants who took part in the survey, 100% said they would recommend Kinderly Learn to a friend!

Find out for yourself

Kinderly Learn offers a new way of doing your CPD – quick, convenient, fun and personal to you! To find out more about Kinderly Learn and to sign up for a free 14 day no-obligation trial, go to

And don’t forget - all PACEY members get 25% off the price of Kinderly Learn!

About the author

Tracey Riseborough is the Project Manager for Kinderly Learn, responsible for commissioning and shaping materials for the Kinderly Learn platform in all different formats. She has spent the last 18 months working with early years practitioners and experts, finding out about their training needs and developing Kinderly Learn to fit those needs. She has worked as an educational publisher for teacher resources for over 15 years.

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