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BLOG: Run a Beep Beep! Day with Timmy Time

This Road Safety Week (18-24 November) we’re asking everyone to Step up for Safe Streets in their community, so we can get around in a safe and healthy way every day. Early years educators can get involved by running a Beep Beep! Day with Timmy Time, sponsored by Churchill Insurance to engage very young children (2-7) with road safety basics and promote life-saving messages to parents, using fun activities guidance from Brake, the road safety charity featuring characters from Aardman Animation’s Timmy Time.

On average six children are seriously injured or killed on our roads, in Britain, every day [1]. Each of these tragedies is preventable and every child has the right to a safe and healthy journey. We can make our streets safe by designing roads, pavements and cycle paths to prevent mistakes resulting in death or serious injury. Choosing to walk or cycle on our journey, so we can be healthy, shouldn’t put us at risk from the dangers on our road, and the air we breathe should be clean too.

Everyone can be a leader and Step up for Safe Streets to learn about, shout about and celebrate the solutions that will help create a safe and healthy future for us all. We need to raise awareness of the importance of building more safe spaces for people to walk and cycle and ensure that vehicles don’t pollute our air. We need safety technology in vehicles and safe speed limits on our roads. This is known as the ‘safe systems’ approach to road safety.

But why should you take part in Road Safety Week?

We need educators to help children and their grown-ups learn how they can help to create a safe and healthy future and shout out for change. Even the youngest of children can make their voices heard, and it’s important that they understand the basics of road safety, so they can let their grown-ups know why they need to help keep them safe.

For very young children, knowing the importance of holding a grown-up’s hand when walking near roads, or waiting for the green man before crossing can make a huge difference to their safety. Children are fantastic advocates for road safety and Beep Beep! days equip them to take home key road safety messages.

Beep Beep! Days are a great and easy way to get involved in Road Safety Week 2019. You can sign up for a free action pack, or purchase a bumper pack for just £11.50+VAT. The packs are filled with guidance, fun activities and resources to help you run your day. All our bumper pack resources are reusable, laminated and contain stickers and certificates for every child taking part. Our resources are great to help you achieve your teaching goals and support the seven Early years foundation stage statutory framework. Take a look at or last blog post to read more.

We’ve partnered with Aardman Animations so that Timmy and his friends can help young children learn about road safety. Timmy’s youth and inexperience make him the perfect character to help very young children learn important lessons about road safety. As Timmy and his friends head off to nursery, they have lots to learn about the important things in life, including caring for other people and doing ‘the right thing’.

Every year, thousands of schools, nurseries, pre-schools and childminders sign up to get involved with Beep Beep! Days, engaging more than 315,000 early years children. In 2018 we received feedback from 10 percent of educators and practitioners who rated the project an average of 8.5 out of 10. And of those who used our bumper pack resources, 98 percent rated them excellent, very good or good.

We’ve been running Beep Beep! Days since 2004, engaging thousands of children each year. Our next national day is on Wednesday 20 November during UK Road Safety Week. Road Safety Week is a great time to get involved with road safety and everyone can help Step up for Safe Streets this year. Beep Beep! Days are a great and easy way for educators to get involved and start ensuring that their little ones understand and can be advocates for road safety.

For more information, and to get involved visit or call the team on 01484 550061.

About the author

Brake, the road safety charity works with communities and organisations across the UK to stop the tragedy of road deaths and injuries, make streets and communities safer for everyone, and support people bereaved and seriously injured on roads through an accredited helpline.

Stacey is Brake’s senior community engagement officer, managing the charity’s Beep Beep! Days and Kids Walk projects and helping to coordinate Road Safety Week.

Brake is partnering with PACEY to ensure that everyone working in childcare and early years has access to valuable resources to ensure their early years children can be safe when using our roads.

[1] Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: Annual Report 2018
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