January 2020

BLOG: Filling the jar, a view on CPD

There is a story about a wise man who filled a jar with large rocks until it was full. He then poured smaller rocks into the cracks, and finally sand into the smaller cracks until it was truly full. Training courses are big rocks. I'm going to look at a CPD intervention from the 'sand' category.


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BLOG: Making the leap, Childminder to Nursery founder and manager

I knew that I'd want to move on being a childminder to something more like a nursery, and began preparing myself for meeting the challenges of being a nursery manager.


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BLOG: Early years nutrition

Food consumed in childhood can shape future health and one of the most important roles we have in the world is to feed children. Louise Mercieca, looks more on how we can support early years and nutrition.


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BLOG: Let your setting shine

If you're running a childcare business, it can be tricky to find the time to keep a steady stream of families interested in your setting when you're engrossed in nappy changes, tea time and the school run! But look around, the key to business success is right in front of you. 



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BLOG: Different types of CPD and trying something new

The ever changing sector has highlighted more than ever, the importance of continuous professional development (CPD). Chloe explores a new type of CPD in early years as well as what she finds most useful when it comes to developing her knowledge.


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