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BLOG: Let your setting shine

If you're running a childcare business, it is tricky to find the time to keep a steady stream of families interested in your setting when you're engrossed in nappy changes, tea time and the school run! But look around, the key to business success is right in front of you. 

By simply looking at your surroundings with a fresh pair of eyes you can make a positive impact on the future of your setting. Think about the top three things you love most about your childcare environment. Have you told anyone else about what you and the children in your care love about your setting? 

The ongoing success of your business rests on being able to take a step back to look at the bigger picture. But it doesn't have to be daunting or time consuming.

Take five

Spend just five minutes every day for a week just looking around your setting. A fresh outlook will enable you to see what makes your playroom distinct from others. Do have a dedicated arts and crafts corner? Or is roleplay your specialist subject? Is your garden an adventure playground? Or do you have a magical reading environment? Parents want to know what makes your setting unique and setting up a free SearchChildcare is a great way to communicate what sets you apart from other providers. 

What do the children love?

When little ones arrive in your setting, where do they go first? What do they make a beeline for? If the children you're currently caring for adore a particular aspect of your setting, make a note of it and use that in your marketing so that other potential new mindees can enjoy it too!

Show off your setting

Now you've identified the areas of your setting that are exciting or unique, and those that your existing children can't get enough of, update you photo library to show the world. Taking clear, bright photos of your setting can really help to sell it to families looking for childcare. 

And when it comes to taking great photos, keep it simple!

  • Your smartphone camera is really powerful. Packed with built-in photo-editing features, you'll be able to take dozens of shots until you get the one that really sings. 
  • Use the controls and filters on your smartphone camera to adjust the lighting of your picture until it looks as good as in real life.
  • Get down low and shoot photos from the eye-height of the children you care for. Use the photos to capture the magic your setting provides.
  • Use photo-editing programs, like Canva, for example, to overlay your setting logo onto your photo to reinforce your brand.

Share, share, share

When you're updating your provider profile on SearchChildcare, you can add photos of your setting for free. Up to five photos, if you're a PACEY member, giving you loads of opportunity to show off the parts you're most proud of. 

Updating your SearchChildcare profile is a breeze - just see our tips below.

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