November 2020

BLOG: How inclusive is your bookshelf?

Author Lesley talks about her inclusive book series 'Hattie and Friends' and an exclusive discount for PACEY members!


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BLOG: Covid-19 and education

The latest SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) briefing on education took place last week and Liz Bayram, Chief Executive, attended on behalf of PACEY members.


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BLOG: How to encourage children to wash their hands

Now more than ever as we move into the ‘new normal’ do we understand the importance of hand washing, but it can be difficult to encourage the children you are looking after to do so. Scrubbingtons talk about their hand and face wash and tips to help encourage children to wash their hands properly.


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BLOG: Ofsted registration FAQs during national lockdown

The registration of early years and childcare settings continues to be a priority for Ofsted. Yvette talks though the Ofsted registration during lockdown and answers your FAQs.


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BLOG: Ofsted Covid report echoes PACEY concerns over impact on children

We know that, despite the huge challenges presented by Covid-19, the early years sector has remained steadfast, flexible and resilient in doing all that it can for young children throughout this turbulent year. However, today’s Ofsted report confirms our fears of the adverse impact of the pandemic on children in England.


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