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BLOG: How to encourage children to wash their hands

Now more than ever as we move into the ‘new normal’ do we understand the importance of hand washing, but it can be difficult to encourage the children you are looking after to do so. Scrubbingtons was founded by two mums, Emma and Karen, who worked together in Marketing and had a passion for both their kids and making life easy. The company’s mission is to help empower kids and one of the most basic skills they need to learn is how to wash themselves and about personal hygiene.

Our 'Scrub Up' Hand and Face wash has always been one of our most popular products and is perfect for childminders as one bottle is equivalent to 200 applications. It is made using our infamous finger-sticking foam formula which gets into the real nitty-gritty hard to reach places much better than a bar of soap or gel. It is also perfect for after a messy mealtime as it can be used to clean up both grubby hands and faces in one go. We understand that as childcare professionals, reducing the amount of plastic you use is imperative. All our bottles are made of 50% recycled plastic and are recyclable, furthermore we also offer refill pouches which save up to 82% on plastic.

We know sometimes it can be hard to get the kids you are looking after to wash their hands, here are our 5 top tips to help encourage them to wash their hands properly:

  1. Make it easy - have a child safe stool to make the sink accessible and provide easy-to-use soap
  2. Make it fun - our foamtastic Hand & Face Wash is perfect for this
  3. Make it habitual - children learn by repetition so make it a habit after playing outdoors, using the loo and before eating
  4. Make it rewarding - use a reward chart to motivate little soap dodgers
  5. Make it understandable - explain in an age appropriate way why we need to wash our hands.

We are constantly working on creating new products to help make your lives easier and our latest innovation is an alcohol-free hand sanitiser designed specifically for kids. We felt instinctively strange about asking kids to effectively pour neat vodka on their hands. We ran a survey with YouGov and it turned out our worries were shared with over 2/3 of parents saying they had high levels of concern regarding their children using alcohol-based sanitisers. Our hand sanitiser, 'Bug Off' uses the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride which has been approved as being effective against Coronavirus by many studies and both the Singapore and Canadian Governments. We hope that not only does our sanitiser offer you an alternative to alcohol-based sanitisers, but also helps encourage kids to feel safe with our infamous foam and fun packaging.

We do hope this helps encourage kids you are looking after to get washing their hands properly and to learn, and feel empowered, by being able to wash themselves.

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