September 2020

BLOG: Top tips on navigating information

The way the sector has coped with and reinvented itself in response to the pandemic has been inspiring. However, with the amount of new guidance being released it’s understandable that it can be overwhelming - and how easy it is to get lost in it all. PACEY's Angela Gamble gives you some top tips about how to navigate through the guidance.


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BLOG: Adapting to new ways of working

The coronavirus pandemic has meant childcare providers have had to adapt with little warning in order to pave a new normal but childcare providers should applaud themselves for the way they have adapted and made it work for them. We talk about some of the top changes practitioners have implemented.


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BLOG: Laugh and learn with music - a flexible practitioners resource to make you smile

We all love music! It gives us a feeling of connection and wellbeing like nothing else. Music engages all our senses, which is why it is such a great brain gym and mood booster for all of us. Boogie Mites talk about what they can offer you.


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BLOG: Testing delays and what they might mean for your business

As a childcare provider, are you struggling to access Covid-19 tests for you or your family? Are parents at your setting suffering from extended exclusion periods due to the delays? We want to hear from you. 


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BLOG: What we do and don’t know about Covid-19 and education

I attended another Chief Medical Officers’ panel briefing for organisations involved in education last week and want to share with you what I heard from the members of the SAGE panel whose focus and expertise is on children and young people.


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